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If this is a scam, it's pretty sick. I received an email that looked pretty real. It was a site for Nebo Games at it was an email to advertise with their games that they claim has been around for 5 years and has been tested in nursing homes. I find this a bit odd since they cannot show once picture of their game from the board, actual cards to people even playing the game. Any person who wants to market their game cannot do it on the internet without being able to show a physical game.

The site is also very confusing since there aren't any pictures of these games that have been tested and in use for 5 years. They try to explain how the game is played which is totally confusing because you're trying to envision how a game is played without seeing a board or at least a diagram. The cards they show on the site are nothing but a graphic too and it's not that great of a graphic.

What really got my attention is they claim to donate money back to good causes. This makes me think even more that this is a scam. They list no address on their website, but they did have a phone number. It is a Madison, WI phone number. I did a search for Nebo Games on the internet and found this company has no history. I used the BBB online and there was no information either. I also searched in the yellow pages for Madison, WI and Nebo Games and there was nothing there. Doesn't look like this place exists. I think this is a scam and have reported it to the FCC just to be sure. If you can't show actual product, not even a demonstration and all you have is a website begging for all kinds of advertising that they claim you'll reach millions of people. I wonder how they can make claims like that when they have no proof of being around for 5 years or can provide proof of past sales.


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