NCRM, Inc. / Crooked Company

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Austin Edwards "VP" of Daddy's business, NCRM, Inc. has got to be the most unprofessional, foul-mouthed, inappropriate, self-serving person I have ever worked for in my 35 years of career history. To be offered full-time with benefits, in writing, employment by this company is a far stretch of the definition. I am the fifth of a line of 5 admin support personnel who could not tolerate this oaf. I lasted the longest at only 1.2 years! He overcharges clients; blames everything that goes wrong on anyone else and takes responsibility for nothing; bills personal expenses to the company and defrauds the IRS - and denies performance increases to employees under his direct supervision. Do not get mixed up with this guy... he is bad news! Unprofessional and lies about his experience to achieve certain industry certifications. If it weren't for Daddy; he would have NO business. What a fraud!

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