NCO Portfolio Management Collection AgencyKeep Calling my home and cell number

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They keep calling me asking for someone I don't know or have ever heard of several times a day. I tell them every time they have the wrong number but it never stops this has been going on for months.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Minot, NDI will NOT change my number that I have had for years because of them. And how do they get an unlisted cell number. These people have got to stop and find the right people to harrass not innocent ones that don't owe anyone!!!

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  • Ca
      Jun 04, 2010

    I'm experiencing the exact same problem with Portfolio Management. My telephone number is listed in the telephone book with only my first name's initial, "C", and they are calling me about every name beginning with a "C", except my own, who don't live here and whom I don't know. They promised to remove my telephone number from their list, but they keep calling me from several different numbers. Here's the real injustice -- I don't have any debts!!! They are being lazy and uncreative in their debt collection methods and don't care if they harass innocent people in their quest. I'm keeping a record of their calls for future lawsuit action.

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  • Ab
      Oct 15, 2010

    Has anyone heard of Independent Portfolio Management out of New York? I'm doing some research to find these people because they have taken to harassing and threatening my 75 year old Mother with jail if she does not pay a debt I allegedly have. I've contacted every agency I can think of, and have filed several complaints, so far, but; it seems these people will continue unless I can find a good address and phone number to send a Court Order stopping their calls.
    If anyone knows about these people, please let me know.

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  • Tm
      Apr 06, 2011

    same thing, will research and find out reverse phone number look up is [protected]

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  • Vp
      Mar 28, 2013

    I had the same problem with a collections agency over a debt my ex-husband had incurred Before we were married. They called all day. They called my grocery store and asked for me. They called all my neighbors. Finally, they called my home and my five year old daughter answered. When I entered the room, she was crying hysterically. They had said, "Your Mommy is going to Jail." Well, first, I had gone to Radio Shack and bought a decide to hook up to a little tape player and was recording all their calls in case I decided to sue. But, back to the story, I was so mad that I called my sheriff and told him what had happened. He could hear my child screaming in the background. He called the collections agency. I don't know what he said, but they never called me again. So Its worth a shot, and documenting the calls by recording them is an excellent idea.

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