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1 Houston, TX, United States
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I contacted them in March/16, asking for health insurance quote. They claimed their coverage of $69.95 per month and a startup fee of $129.95 would meet the minimum requirements for Health Care Insurance coverage. I specifically asked about that and told them I needed coverage due to being unemployed and not having any insurance since Dec 29/15. The representative told me that it would meet all federal requirements. So, on March 24/16, my first payment was taken out of my Netspend account. Subsequent payments of 69.95 on 5/9/16, 69.95 on 6/6/16, and 69.95 on 7/7/16 were taken out of my account by preauthorized payments. I then found out they were scamming people because I just happened see this on the scam report on a website. I called and told them I wanted to cancel on 7/11/16. They told me they would refund the last payment only. I told them that I don't take ANY medications and would not have ever agreed to join some 'Discount Plan' as they now admitted they were. I wanted all my money back. They refused to pay it back. I am waiting 5 business days from the 7/11/16, as they said, to get one payment back posted to my account online.

Jul 14, 2016

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