NCC/Commonwealth Financial Systems / Hang Ups/Harrassment

1 GA, United States

Received a call from the organization, which prompted me to "select '1' to hear this call in English" (which I did), and then put me on hold for a representative. Suddenly, the line went dead. I called the number back, got a representative and stated that I had just received a call from them, and wanted to know what it was about. She hung up on me. I called back, got a representative again, and told her I had a "question about my account." She didn't hang up this time. She asked if I was "Ashley, " and I told her I was NOT, and she asked for my SSN to look up my account! I said, "absolutely not!" She told me that was the only way to verify whether I had an account with them, so I told her there was no Ashley at this residence, and asked her to take me off of their phone list. She said she would. We'll see...


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