NC9PN9flight on china airways london to thailand

I was trying to book a flight today on your website for £314 per ticket from London to Bangkok it keep redirecting me to back to the beginning once I got as far as entering my bank details but nothing was confirmed.
So unable to book I decided to book the same journey on travelrepublic as I had used them before and their website and customer service are very good, it did cost more £332 but was still happy with the price.
Later I looked in my mail and had an email confirmation of flights this was the first time I heard of this and not only that the price was different £350 per ticket I phoned straight away to explain the situation and cancel the flight that I wasn't aware I booked as the website kept crashing and I don't know why the price had been changed ? The tickets were cancelled but I was charged £45 per ticket I would like this refunded as the site didn't confirm the tickets were booked and also inctreased the price something I would have never agreed to.
Please refund my £90.
Kind regards Debra Carlin


Jul 29, 2018

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