NBD CREDIT CARDS / NBD Bank &authorized& collection agencies harassment

1 United Arab Emirates

I had a credit card with NBD that was issued in 2008, this card was used for travel expenses which was handled and paid my company then. When I decided to leave the company in 2009 part of my settlement agreement was that the company would handle the due amount on my card  which I went ahead and canceled then.

In Dec 2011, my parents back in my home country were surprised with a phone call from a person claiming to be authorized by the bank and claiming that they have been trying to contact me and that i have fled the UAE without paying my dues and if my parents don't pay him an amount of 14, 200 AED ( supposedly the overdue amount on the cancelled credit card) that he is going to haunt me down and drag them to court! My father was extremely surprised of the person's accusations and threats furthermore as I am currently working in a government entity the UAE and that I was never aware of any issue with the bank.

My father then immediately agreed with that person that the amount will be settled on the same day with a condition that he gets an official non liability letter from the bank. Then That person retracted his statement and claimed that the actual amount due is 50, 000 and that the bank has made a mixup between two accounts and is willing to settle for 28, 400 if it's paid to him on the same day!! And that he will not be able to provide this letter on the same day or even give my father an official receipt as he has to wait for the bank to send it through, my father then told him that he would rather if we communicate and settle the issue directly with the bank, which that person didn't like and requested that we only communicate with a number he gave to my father, That's when my father decided to inform me of the situation where I spoke directly with the bank then I had to cut my business trip short and head back to the UAE to understand the situation where I was surprised with a totally different story.

the bank official confirmed that my card was cancelled and there is an amount overdue however he said that they never authorized anyone to collect any money and that the sole purpose of hiring that agency is to try to locate me so as they can contact me to settle the issue. And that that person was never authorized to share any financial information with any person other than myself and that since I approached them and acknowledged my liability they are ready to reduce the amount due which was not 50, 000 as that person claimed to be. I settled the amount overdue and agreed that i would settle a pending 9, 000 on monthly installments. Which I am doing and keeping track of my monthly statements to make sure that everything is in order.

For some strange reason that person decided to call my father again this month claiming that there is an over due payment that was not paid and that my father better pay or else he will drag him to court as my father is obligated to pay on my behalf!!

My father again informed me of the rude call where then I immediately checked my statements, called phone banking and customer care which all confirmed that there aren't any over due payments and that there is nothing logged about the above issue anywhere!

I just want to understand why would a respectable bank like NBD allow such behavior in their name and secondly if they had an issue with me why not call me directly, and why would that person claim that he is authorized by the bank to force my father to pay?? I am in the UAE and I have updated all my contact details with the bank where they could have called me if they wanted to, which i am sure they haven't tried to do as my landline is attended by my PA and my mobile is always forwarded to an active number.

Appreciate that the bank would address this issue and make sure that such thugs are made accountable for their harassment of innocent respectable people like us. I have submitted an official complaint online to the bank and communicated the issue with several people in the bank which was totally ignored, I hope that through this I might get a proper reply


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