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Nazar Travel & Tours / Harsh (even when mistakes have been made), Totally unprofessional

1 Malaysia Review updated:

I do not tolerate companies and employees who are inefficient but I do like to think that people will buck up after making not one but several mistakes. I have used this travel agent several times for flight booking. My first purchase with them from Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne went well. That was in 2005. And I must have been very lucky that it was ok.
I'd give the benefit of the doubt to people. With this travel agent, not only they were slow in responding but they have screwed up my bookings which costs me money, a few times if I may add.
I confronted the owner of the company and he had apologized, also said the previous staff handled my bookings were no more employed with the company. My respond to him was, "Sure, but you've been c.c-ed in all my e-mails and you had also insisted I did after I made the verbal complaints over the phone with you before this meeting. I understand that's a problem internally but they're at my expense. I had to change my plans, book a place to stay during my transit in LA (this also affected my schedule and internal flight bookings). Please sort it out. I cannot tell you how to manage your staff. It's your company. It's your responsibility to train your staff and step in when there's a crisis". The guy then pleaded for one more chance. I was skeptical. I'm not heartless, but maybe I'm too dumb to be generous and trusting. Look, when you screw up, won't you buck up? It's a business you're running here.

That wasn't the only screw up I encountered with them. They had once booked my husband and I on a different class. It was again a long haul flight. Flight details e-mailed to me did not reflect that we were on a different class. I called and sent text messages to the staff and that employer from SFO. They did not solve the crisis. Instead, I had to beg the airline to put us together.

Would you pay the additional cost to the travel agent when a booking and payment's been done?
I was asked to pay them a surcharge a week after I had made my payment to them. Not only were they very rude, they didn't want to budge.
Asking them to change the flight details like the date takes too much effort on my side. 3 months to my flight date and I have given them enough lead time to work on it. A reply from them will not be sent to me unless I sent multiple sms and calls. A reply from them has never been specific and detailed.
I believe that good management and
Why are these people still in business baffles me. This will be my last time dealing with them.
There were more incidents or shall I say mishaps. I'll spare you the other details.

I found this article just this week. I think I am having it worse from Nazar Travel & Tours. They are in Bangsar Baru above Pelita Restaurant. The guy managing the company is Ashley.
Notice the reply from Nazar: "just know that the person is no longer employed with Nazar"
Those people may have left the company. So what? The problems remain and who is to pick up the pieces?
I did, because it became too much of a problem for me and they weren't of help. Clearly the mistakes were made by them.
So much pushing the buck around.
How's this:
Most recent incident which is still on going-
My e-mail to the travel agent on Apr 3:
1) Change of flight dates
2) Change of flight class (EVA Air Economy to Economy Deluxe).
They had previously made a booking of Economy with my request of Economy Deluxe.
A reply receive said will reply. 2 weeks after still no reply till I had to hound them to respond.
Here's the reply:
Dear Ms Chen,
As per your request, I have made the changes to your flight.
The SFO/TPE sector is on Economy Deluxe and the TPE/KUL on Economy as there is no economy deluxe for this sector.
The fare difference is RM 950.00. Please kindly forward the payment to us as soon as possible to re-validate the ticket.
As you previously paid for Economy class Only, the fare difference have to also be paid by you. If we collected the fare for Economy Deluxe
and gave you the Economy Class, then it would be only right for us to bear the cost. But since this is not so, we will not bear the fare difference.
I hope you find this is in order and please kindly advise me on the next course of action.
How lame. Try cooking up another excuse or be creative if you wanna cop out. And sound like a professional.
I have all the e-mail historical from 2007 on stand-by to bring my cases to the relevant authorities.

Did anyone see the flight details? Where's the date and time?
So, follow up again I did:

Dear Ashley (the owner of the company),
With all due respect, to avoid anymore future understandings, the correspondence was agreed to be between us.
This was also talked about over the phone in January 2008.
In regards to the e-mail below, I'm not getting a clear indication. No details were given to what has been changed.
Appreciate a more detailed and concise reply.

So a defensive reply came from the staff who had also shouted at me on the phone. Read this:

Dear Chen,
Please note that the information given below is very clear. You asked to change the flight from Economy to Economy Deluxe
and the changes have been made with the same dates.
The fare difference is RM 950.00 per person. As explained below, please make the payments to revalidate the changes.

Several text messages were sent from me in the US to the owner in Malaysia. He insisted that he's not in charge of ticketing and will get that staff to write me. Was told a reply will be sent to me. I didn't get any e-mails. Take note of the line in the agent's last e-mail to me, "Please note that the information given below is very clear".

So no departure details again. How did they assume if I was going to be agreeable to the departure time and I did not get a confirmation on my change of date from June to the specific date I had asked for.
So again, I wrote to them:

As part of the business correspondence, requesting for a clarification is part and parcel.
Please be objective and specific with your replies.
Refer to my e-mail dated Apr 3, 2008.
- Item 1).
Please reiterate what have been changed.

Please, you guys... do not even think about using that company. I hope not for anyone else to go through the stress I went through (and still going through). That'll be uncalled for. Companies who think it's easy to keep the current and get future clients with zero effort deserves to have a taste of their own medicine.There's a reason for why people use travel agents and not book through the internet!
Anyone who wishes to have in-depth discussions about this, e-mail me.

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  • Sa
      22nd of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    Just read your complaint. On behalf of the other consumers out there, thanks and kudos to bringing your matter up. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for you to deal with that travel agent. My brother and a colleague had bad experiences with Nazar Travel & Tours as well. This all happened between 2006-2008. Very recent. What also brought to my attention was that you mentioned the owner of the company comes up with a bull line like "the employees do not work there anymore" when crisis happen. Uh-huh.. agree that as the boss or management of the company they will have to step in and solve the issues at hand immediately.
    I feel bad for the employees there too. What kind of boss will push the blame to the employees and actually say that when problems arise.
    I will send you a note soon. Let's hook up and share the stories about this travel agent and forward the e-mails to all the people will know.
    Bad seeds like that should learn a lesson that customers are not to be taken granted and bullied. How can companies like that still be in business baffles me.

  • Ms
      26th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    Hey there mine was the most recent bad experience it is April 20-24, 2011 my travel agency here in the Phils. is TRAVELPLUS INT'L and it is NAZAR TRavel & tours in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, awful services, they should not be a travel agency, their operations is all decieving, no tour guide at all yet they collected tips, poor customer care, they will let you eat just anywhere, and disastrous itinerary, they should close down immediately or Malaysia would lost all their tourists, I didn't feel the MH MAlaysian hospitality here.

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