Navy Federal Credit Union [NFCU] / mortgage - after I withdrew my loan application, they sent me a statement of credit denial

Vienna, VA, United States
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Mortgage processing was painful with nfcu and their mortgage officer was abrasive and unprofessional. Instead of providing a comprehensive list of requirements, it was piecemeal - I was being contacted for different documents almost daily for about two weeks. Each time, it felt as if I was making their job more burdensome. On 19 may 2017, I withdrew my loan application and chose another lender. My wife and I have scores in the 800s, less than 15% debt-to-income, and more than adequate income for the amount of the loan - we were able to close with the new lender (At a better rate) with no issues. Days later, nfcu sent me a statement of credit denial, citing "income insufficient" and "excessive obligations". They also stated my credit score from a consumer reporting agency was used in making the credit decision, "scores range from a low of 334 to high of 818. Your credit score: 813". My question is this: can nfcu rightfully make a credit decision and issue a statement of credit denial when I withdrew my application? And why would they? Their justifications seem hollow - it seems almost out of spite since I took my business elsewhere. Does such a statement matter or even get reported anywhere?

Jun 04, 2017

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