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Navy Federal Credit Union / bad manners in which they treat their customers

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I would like to file a formal complaint against a branch of Navy Federal Credit Union. The bank manager assured me that she would return my call with information regarding a complaint I had made. She did not call me back and so several hours later I called, again on hold for over 30 minutes, and she had left for the day...again, most unprofessional. I then asked the secretary for the number and address to the corporate office. I was given a number and the address. The lady whom I spoke with informed me that she was giving me the number to the corporate office, and actually what she gave me was the number to the main line. Then I called, again on hold, and spoke with a Barry McKnight who informed me that there is no way to transfer me to the corporate office. His exact words are as follows: members cannot be transferred to the corporate office" and "there's definitely there's no way for you guys to talk to the president" and only offered to transfer me to the supervisor. I then hung up. This is the most perfect example of piss poor customer service. This company most assuredly is not living up to it's own code of ethics and certainly does not deserve any award for excellency. I think someone in this company should pay more attention to the manner in which they treat their customers.

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  • Do
      12th of Feb, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I believe that their general 800-number is very helpful.
    However, their Monterey, CA mortgage department is all but ###ed. The loan processer, Tara probably didn't even graduate from high school and is an ex gangster. Someone needs to teach them about etiquette.

  • Ju
      25th of Feb, 2008
    +3 Votes

    I called in to Navy Federal Credit Union and they have the most RUDEST CUSTOMER SERVICE ever. I spoke to a few people that basicly turned me off about the company and I plan not to do any more business with the company unless they FIRE these employees. The most rudest was Kevin, in the credit card department. I had a cmplaint about a customer service rep and he stated the reason we hang up on you for is that you dont answer our questions which is not true. There is no reason to hang up on any customer. I asked for his manager when Kevin got really rude and would not help me, so I aked him if he was a smart ###. He said yes I am and then hungup on me after I asked for his manager. Well for tht Navy Federal Credit Union needs to fire Kevin. I believe in strong customer service. If you dont take care of your customers then someone else will. I still did not recieve a call back from the company. So I called the company back and they made up excuses up why their customer service gets rude with members and hangs up on people. I expect him to be Fired, because the next time that I call in I dont ever expect him to take my or anyone elses call. No one should ever experience anything like I did.

  • Jc
      25th of Feb, 2008
    +3 Votes

    I have a complaint about Navy Federal Credit Union. When I paid off my car, they sent my car title to the complete wrong address. They sent it to a address that I have never used in my life, and to a complete different state. Also they had sent a thank you letter to someone else for paying off the car. I fought with them for a month, and I had to pay almost $60.00 in fees to the state to get my car title. I had to file a lost title, and then it took time to get it in the mail. Finaly after everything was done and over with they finaly sent me the title, and all Navy Federal Credit Union said was , sorry for any inconvience. Sorry wont fix it. I will no longer do any more loans with Navy Federal Credit Union, because I dont need any more titles getting lost or missed handeled by their employees. It must be the Virginia water that all of them drink in Virginia, because they dont really know anything about good customer service. And yes their main office is in Northern Virginia. Also speaking about their customer service, they top the rudest customer sevice out of any company that I had ever did any business with.

  • Ch
      14th of Jul, 2008
    +3 Votes

    I have been gravely disappointed with NFCU customer service and online services and most recently had an experience that has blemished my credit, all because of their lack of professionalism and inability to take care of their customers. Long story short, I cashed several checks at one of their branches. One month later I'm notified (noone called) via "your account is negative balance letter" that my account overdrawn. I go to the branch and am told too much money was given to me because the teller "cashed and disbursed" a copy of one of the checks; money of which I do not recall receiving. I ask to speak to that teller...they've been fired. Branch opens an investigation...two months later I get a letter from a collections agency!!
    I contact NFCU customer service..they tell me they will cancel the attempt to collect since it is under investigation. A copy of the presumed "check" is finally presented to me; it is not a check and does not have my signature on the back, etc. So I tell them I'm not paying back money (my account is still negative). Two months later I'm going through the process of buying my third credit score which used to be 820 is now 740!!! Credit reports have delinquency reports from NFCU and notifications of that I am going through collections.
    In summary, through the whole nightmare, I NEVER received a phone call about the "check', that they were pulling money from my account without authorization, having a negative/overdrawn account, being sent to collections, the status/updates of the account, etc.
    I did all the calling and spent countless hours on the phone and in their branch. The last visit to the branch was an attempt to pay the negative balance and save my credit, I was left waiting for the bank manager for 30 minutes, an obvious result of them growing tired of my visits/complaining.
    I've since initiated a lawsuit for the damage caused to my credit score, especially because of the affect it had on the rate I was given on most recent home purchase.

  • Ja
      16th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Heh. I thought something was just wrong with the way "I" was talking to them that made them so grouchy at me. haha. Guess not.

  • Da
      23rd of Jul, 2008
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    I got a pre-approved car loan, then I bought a car. Six months later I get in a fender bender and since the car was a 1991 gieco declared the car a total loss.
    (it is a very nice mustang, tons of investments into it).
    Well NFCU took possesion of the car and now they say I have to pay off the remaining balance even though I did not get a choice to keep the car!? I can't believe they can steal a car from me like that, that's what it is, straight up theft!

  • Jo
      29th of Jul, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Most all of these problems have left a lot of details out. Most of these could have been avoided by paying your bills. As far as the title issues alot of those are not miss handlings by NFCU but the actual state DMV's and yourself. There are several states that house there own title regardless of were you send it it has to end up with them. So if you have not updated your address with them it will go out to what ever address they have. As far as the gentleman who decided to curse at a NFCU rep over the phone you deserved to be hung up on over and over again. Lets grow up if you manage your account properly and do what you are suppose to NFCU will do right by you every single time. No response needed because the version of your actual stories get very distorted from the truth so your are the victim. NFCU largest CU in the world so they are doing something right 25 year member never an issue

  • Br
      7th of Oct, 2008
    -2 Votes

    I totally agree with John Marshall, I work for the collections dept for NFCU and i've got to say we get sooooo many complaints by people saying that we're rude...well, here's the thing...if you have an account in collections, we're NOT customer service. Like Mr. Marshall said, keep your accounts in good/decent standing and we are more than compliant with your needs and requests. As for the guy who totalled the mustang, I had the same thing happen to me. Someone made a right turn from a left hand lane & caused my 01' cobra to be totalled out...geico BARELY paid the balance off leaving me with no car and no $ me it's not theft, it's the insurance companies fault, if anyone is to be blamed. You have 72 months to file a lawsuit for personal damages against the person at fault, so if you feel you have been cheated I suggest you take that route. As for the original complaint, no offense meant but you sound EXACTLY like the people I talk to day after day! Just my .02, but what do I know, right?

  • Pa
      4th of Dec, 2008
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  • Nf
      10th of Jan, 2009
    -5 Votes

    all these complaints and any complaints members have for NFCU are BS. I work in the collections department and its actually us who would like to complain and would if we could. Angry members have no one to blame but themselves. If credit card/loan payments are paid on time or at least 10 days late, that would solve just half the problem. Also if members read their promissory notes carefully, they wouldn't be calling in to complain " why did you take my money out of my checking account without my permission?". My answer to that is because we have a right to do so and instead of you going out and shopping for clothes why don't you pay your credit card/loan bill instead and not cause headaches for yourself and us poor employees. You borrow money, you pay it back, simple as that. How would you like if I borrowed money from you and didn't pay it back on the day I told you? Think of it that way. Bottom line is that members have no room to complain, sure NFCU does make errors and those and some employees do say things they aren't supposed to sometimes but those things don't happen too often. Any more complaints or questions please direct them to me.

  • Na
      23rd of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I hate to add to the complaints about NFCU but it is true of their lack to follow-up, on-site agents unfamiliarity with procedures and information, and customer service. I have yet to visit a NFCU and be greeted and treated like I am appreciated-and over the phone is a losing battle, I just hope that it gets better.

  • Ol
      31st of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Folks, it appears that NFCU has gone corporate. At one time, when I joined over 30 years ago this credit union went out of its way to provide the best service available. As it has grown it has definitely lost what made it an outstanding credit union. I would tell you my horror story over the last few years, but instead I think it time to go to another credit union; one that actually cares about its member (note that NFCU is a group of members that have forgotten about each other and have allowed a corporation to take over!) Good luck to them as they destroy this once great institution!!!

  • Nf
      8th of Feb, 2009
    -3 Votes

    ok old gray and crouchy, and good luck to you in finding better rates than NFCU :)

  • Kr
      18th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    oh screw off nfcu collector! you guys think you know everything but like hell you do! you were hired there for a reason and thats to assist the people that call you. so maybe you should rethink your job if your going to complain about it. that just proves everybodys point who has made complaints against nfcu and that you collectors do not care about the people at all. and dont sit there and accuse people of going out and shopping with the money they owe how the hell do you know what people go through?? so why dont you get your facts straight before you go off on your high pedastal and accuse people of stuff! you act like you think you know so much more than everybody else, but i got news for you buddy you certainly dont. stuff happens and comes up and sometimes people are put in tough situations and money gets tight. with our economy the way it is, it gets difficult. we might as well say we are in a depression and its sad that you sit there and accuse people of buying other things instead of paying you guys. what about families that have children, they need food right? so instead of accusing people of blowing there money on stupid ###, think about that. so why dont you find the time to get off of your high horse and put yourself in those peoples postion. thats if you dont think your too good for that. thank you and have a lovely day:)

  • Ju
      24th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    *I can agree with the complaint from the first 45 days I received my loan.
    *I have relatives and friends that have NFCU. NFCU continue to call me regarding my friend and relatives account, while releasing private & confidential information when contacting me. I have reported them to the FTC, because I don't want someone calling my house 10 times in a row (this was documented) late at night stalking me over something that I have no control over.
    *If you referred someone, had them listed as a relative or reference on your documents, NFCU will open your file and contact "ALL" of them.
    *Start getting the word out about their illegal practices. There is an entire volume of violations that can be thrown at NFCU.
    *Us/Relatives/Friends are the same people that are affording NFCU employees a paycheck and feeding them and their family. However, they continue to treat their members in an unhumane fashion.

  • Nf
      16th of Apr, 2009
    -2 Votes

    trust me guys, I work at their headquarters in the collections dept. and I am the one you guys talk to. I might have even talked to some of you on the phone before. anyways, I can tell you from experience that our members are not so great either. they lie to us, and dont listen. they think that just because NFCU is the largest in the world, they can do anything they want for them. the truth is that NFCU can do only so much for you members, and there are alot of things that NFCU is unable to do for you guys knowing it will not meet your needs. I just work there and I follow NFCU policy. You all should not be mad at the employees that work there because we are just doing our jobs and do what we are told. I do agree there are some small things me and my co workers dont agree with either. everything happens for a reason, and from experience I can tell you its the members who put themselves in mess they are in. we try to help and can only do so much, but members want more most of the time and always turn to NFCU as their savior. I can tell you our members are realllly bad with their money, and by members I do not mean our members who are in collections, I mean the deadbeats who I freakin call everyday and hang up on me. seriously, if you worked there you would see, i look at their checking account history and they buy stuff they dont need when they have past due bills! then you guys want help? how about paying your bills instead? I really wonder if all you people who have complained on your page care about your credit. I bet you all don't and thats because your credits are all SHOT. Why do you think I have a credit score of 736? Because I know what to buy, when to buy, and how to manage my finances. Easy said than done.

  • Pr
      17th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    Wow! Finally a place for me to vent. I want all of you whiners to know that I have been a member of NFCU for over 35 years. I have always loved NFCU for their great member service. Yes, I was turned down for a loan and was grateful for that. I asked the agent POLITELY, why I was turned down and he PROFESSIONALLY explained to me that the reason was because the seller was asking too much. Armed with that information, I got the seller to lower his asking price by 2k and the deal was eventually finalized. I considered that a GREAT service that NFCU provided to me for free. Imagine saving 2 grand and not having to pay a fee for that. I felt like I had family looking out for me!
    I too, on occasion did mismanage my account. Notice that I am owning up to MY MISMANAGEMENT of my account. And I am willing to admit that I also was a rude member. I vented on which ever agent answered the phone when ever I had a problem that I was unwilling to assume responsibility for. The worst treatment I ever received for MY RUDENESS was that the agent placed me on hold and transferred me back to the phone tree. This was actually humorous to me and caused me to reflect on how I acted, and how that agent might have felt. I eventually had a self awakening. One time while I was giving hell to an innocent agent for my failure to maintain my checking account, I somehow realized that it had been my fault all along. Unlike almost ALL of you unrepentant abusive members, I admitted my error, sincerely apologized to the agent and asked him to forgive my trespasses. {My unwarranted aggression for those of you who fail to understand basic manners}. He was pleasant and cordial throughout the abuse and the apology. THAT IS PROFFESSIONALISM!
    Imagine my surprise when NFCU decided to open a call center in my town. I always wanted to have an inside office job. I was tired of breaking my back in construction related jobs. Hot, cold and dirty. Didn't want to do that till the end of my working life. Well I set to the task of becoming qualified to be a candidate for hire at the call center. I worked at a local call center that only requires a pulse and breathe fog on a mirror test to be hired. It was a real hell hole. Many of you will know of the pit of which I speak. On the WEST side of town. Any way, after excelling there for exactly one year, that company on the WEST side of town started putting ridicules pressure on me. Warm bodies are a dime a dozen, and you become costly after you get that 15 cents an hour raise after being there for a year. So, I applied at NFCU. Yes I was hired and yes, I am one of those that you call rude. You can not imagine my shock when I returned to the class room after sitting in live with another fully trained agent. I could not believe that I was listening to my fellow members. WHERE IS MY SIX DOLLARS???!! You scream at me. Well, I calmly reply, "maybe you spent it" Then you go off on a rage and accuse me of being rude. I have taken approximately 62, 000 calls give or take a thousand, since I was hired. Was I ever the rude person initially? Maybe a time or two. I'm human. I have bad days like everybody else. But I assure take the first swing. I have nothing to gain by answering the phone in a surly manner. All of us are told by somebody sometime somewhere that we are unique. We start believing that we are the most important people on the planet. OUR needs and wants trump everyone else’s. I have been in customer service and sales in some form or another for most of my life. And yes, in supervisory positions a time or two, and in my opinion, the guy who famously coined the phrase..."THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT" {Damn you J.C. PENNEY} should be flogged. The customer is certainly NOT always right. I've read the previous complaints and responses at this site. You angry whiners need to grow up. Accept responsibility for managing your own finances. Stop blaming others for your failures and poor planning. Opps, sorry, am I asking too much? Am I asking you to join the adult world?

    I would like to challenge all of you complainers to take a step back and think of how an agent that goes to work each day with the goal of doing the best they can, WHICH IS THE REAL ATTITUDE OF EVERY NFCU EMPLOYEE THAT I HAVE EVER KNOWN!, and the next time you call in to ask us to balance your check book, or solve the mystery of how and where you spent your money, give us a break. Talk to us in a calm pleasant manner. If you treat us like crap, it is harder for us to withhold our feelings. I am very proud to say that the largest percentage of NFCU membership is very pleasant people to serve. MOST thank us for our time and effort to serve them. Occasionally we get member complements. One guy that sits near me got his first customer complaint after working here for over 3 years. He has had over 20 customer compliments. So, you whiners need to grow up. Put yourselves in our shoes and stop demanding to be treated like royalty when you aren't even maintaining the basic communication skills. If you would talk in a calm, polite and professional manner, you would see that you will be served to the best of our abilities. I used to credit back hundreds of dollars each day in overdraft fees for the newer and younger members. Guess who got those reversals. Yep! Those that talked to me with respect. Those that admitted they mismanaged their accounts, those that allowed me to school them. Those are the members I am proud to serve. You whiners...grow up!

    PS, please use the spell checker that this web page asks you to use. You whiners would look a lot smarter if you would do that. I might have a little more respect and regard for you. It demonstrates professionalism and follow through. Something adults strive for always.

  • Nf
      19th of Apr, 2009
    -2 Votes

    ^ I hail you "Proud Member and Employee". Member is definetly always right. As a matter of fact, they are wrong most of the time. Just because they are our members and customers they think they get to say anything they want and NFCU is a quick fix. All I have to say to you haters is like it or leave it. As NFCU continues to grow bigger and bigger and shatter its own performance records every year in all categories, our "rude", and "bad", members like all the haters above continue to drop like flies. It is no fluke that NFCU is the largest in the world and most successful and has the most members. The bottom line is that angry members are blaming NFCU for their own irresponsibility of their finances. The only advice I can give is to know all of NFCU policies (to prevent any further conflict), pay bills on time and most importantly something that most people in america fail to do: BE RESPONSIBLE AND WISE WITH YOUR MONEY.

  • Sa
      12th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I am in the Navy. I opened an account with Navy Federal last month in order to apply for an auto loan and credit card. They denied me both, and suggested that I either make a direct deposit to my Navy Fed account or find a comaker who is related to me. I tried both and called every day to find out whether I was eligible for an auto loan. My brother-in-law cosigned with me on a Saturday with a male representative on the phone. The rep told us to check back on Monday and that I will be approved by the end of the day. My sister and I call back on Monday, both in the morning and evening, to find out that the male representative never sent any information out for me to be eligible for an auto loan. My brother-in-law, sister, and I are very upset because I have been waiting to be approved for an auto loan for a month. I need a car in a few weeks to attend classes off-base and can't keep relying on people to give me rides. We're also concerned about the information my brother-in-law gave out to the male employee. Will he be a victim of identity theft? We do not know for sure, but we do know that Navy Federal provides there customers with poor customer service.

    Every time I stopped by the bank (at San Antonio, yes the brand-new one) or called, the employees usually seemed to be in an awful mood. They're almost as horrible as Armed Forces.

  • Ca
      20th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have to say that reading these comments has been enlightening at best. I have worked in the call center there before and have spoken to a large number of members who have put, in my opinion, little effort into managing their account. I have heard phrases like "what do you mean the check bounced? I was only $5.00 off?" or "you mean need money to write checks?"
    As someone who gets paychecks and pays bills and buys groceries and has children and animals, I can say that manging my accounts can be challenging. That is a true statement. I save receipts and use my check register (yes, most members I remember speaking to about their accounts didn't even know what this was (one person said "is that like a cash register?")) and keep track of my money. The FIRST time you do not do that, you are in trouble and you have just made life that much harder. Having ONE check bounce or ONE check card amount clear when you don't have enough money nets you a fee ($25.00, I think), which means you have that much left the next time money goes into your account. I know things come up, which is why you keep money there from the times when things are NOT coming up. I am by no means rich, but I have money in savings JUST IN CASE. ANYONE can do that. Period. Don't buy McDonalds and then call and ask for a credit so you can buy milk. Don't pay $125.00/month for cable and then complain that money was taken to pay your late car payment. Don't put $50.00 gas in your car and think the balance changing from $60.00 to $59.00 must be right and be surprised when spending another $30.00 nets you fees.
    Life is tough. The economy is tough. You have to make tough choices, but I think we ALL know that ALL choices have consequences. If you CHOOSE to spend your last $20.00 on gas rather than pay your credit card bill, no one will tell you that is the wrong choice, but you still have to accept consequences if your rate changes, you get a call or a fee.
    Action always gets a response.
    Thank you for reading.

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