Nature Cleanse PurentRefund of $ 88.00

Return Address Cecelia Verkaik
Claims Department @ pure 301 E South Ave.
Nature Cleanse Purenut Redlands, CA 92373

Attention Nature Cleanse Purent,
Per are conversation on June 16, 2009. I agreed that I would send the Nutrients product back unopen with the confirmation number 4165307 I was deceive according to your ad I would receive a trial package of the Nutrition Cleanse Purenut for the price of $5.95 which included shipping and handling charges. I didn’t give any one permission to charge $88.00 on my credit card for additional Nutrition Cleanse Purenut . I didn’t want to continue your product Nutrition Cleans Purent . I would like to call it to your attention that I was dissatisfied with your product Nutrition Cleanse Purenut . I can’t believe how you conduct business and get away with this. Please credit my account of $88.00 As Soon As Possible.

Sincerely, Cecelia A Verkaik
[protected] 301 E South Ave
Redlands, CA 92373

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