Naturcleanse/acaix3fraudulant charges

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I ordered the "free sample" of the Acia berry diet pill and agreed to pay the 2.79 s&h. On the order web site there was No mention of this other product or company. When I recieved the product there was No mention of this other product in the papers that came with it and no mention of this other company. Sudenly, about a month after I recieved the Acai berry product I saw the unautherized 40.00 withdrawl by a company I have never heard of for a product I never recieved.

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  • Rg
      Jul 31, 2009

    I also ordered the FREE SAMPLE of Acia Berry and paid the 2.79, and I now have an $87.83 charge on my account for something I never ordered from the same company.

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  • Na
      Aug 04, 2009

    got charged for i guees it was another order if acari beery when all i oreded was the free trial.

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  • Na
      Aug 04, 2009

    the product works. but i got charged for 39.95. when all i was suposed to of been charged for was the free trail offer.

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  • Ra
      Aug 10, 2009

    this company is completely fraudulent!! i got these charges on my bank card without ever ordering the product, they got me for about $200 dollars... its ###!! i went to the website they give you on the 800 numbers and did a live chat with someone named (CA-049) Krystel, i argued with her for about an hour she just gave me text book answers and never really solved anything!!! she gave me a confirmation number for my account cancellation, and i demanded my money back, she told me it had been forwarded to her supervisor and i would get my money back within 3-5 bussiness days. ha we will see

    keep ya posted

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  • De
      Aug 13, 2009

    HELP!!! I had the same experience and have now been charged over $200.00. Is there anything we can do about this? I also spoke to several operators and supervisors and later was disconnected. Now my telephone is not "allowed" to call the [protected] that I originally called. I can't even reach anyone now. I also tried calling from home and it says the number has now been disconnected. This is really scary :-( Can anyone help me? [protected] if you have any ideas? PLEASE???

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  • Be
      Aug 19, 2009

    I ordered a (free) bottle of acai from ebodycleanse for just the shiping charge of $0.99 which i did receive. Then I started getting unauthorized charges from naturcleanse for $87.13 and from UTHI Health products for $83.18, $1.95, and $2.00. I have not seen any products from the other companies and cannot get through on customer service numbers. I did finally get through once and they hung up on me. I would advise anyone to stay away from these companies and their " free trials". They are not free.

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  • To
      Apr 13, 2010

    i too have been scammed by this company, i had to cancel my credit card to stop any further charges from other companies that have my details

    cln aberrycs .com

    this all started from a free trial pay only for postage acai berry promotion on the internet
    and when i have searched about these companies i read the same comment from lots of other people
    so how can these rip offs get away with this, they must be scamming multi millions of dollars globally ?

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