Natural Solutions Spa / Rip off!

1 5100 Erin Mills Pky Mississauga, ON L5M4Z5, Mississauga, ON, Canada
Contact information:
Phone: 905-608-0666

I have gone to Natural Solutions in the Erin Mills mall twice and I am never going back there. The first time I went they rushed me in and didn’t even bother asking who I wanted to cut my hair (I ended up getting one of the most expensive hairstylists!). I showed them a picture of the hairstyle I wanted and they barely even looked at it. My haircut didn’t turn out exactly the way I wanted but they assured me that I needed to grow out my hair so that the next time they cut it, it would look better. Fool me once shame on you! They also told me that they provide free trims. I return weeks later for a trim and they end up charging me full price for it! And I’ll tell you, it wasn’t cheap. It still didn’t look the way I wanted and I had to sit through all of that slow work while they inconsiderately brushed at my piercings. Fool me twice shame on me! This is the reason why people rather cut their own hair, even if it turns out bad! Horrible, HORRIBLE salon!

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