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I called on June 24, 2009 to cancel my trail size of Ultra Acai Berry, and I was told it would be canceled and not charged to my debit card. the next day it was taken out of my checking acct. when I called and talked to them they said they start it from the day you order it, not the day of the invoice or when you get it. I asked them how can they do that cause we have not even tried it yet. They refused to refund my money. so now my account is overdrawn and I now have to pay another $35.00 for that. To top it off it didn't even work. So just be aware of when the charges start on anything you order. I'm sorry I believed the lady that said she lost alot of wieght by using this product. with money the way it is i'm sure none of us can just give away money.

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      Jun 25, 2009

    FWM Laboratories/Resvertrol Ultra(Acai Berry) Complaints - Scammed for $87.13 on Credit Card
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    FWM Laboratories/Resvertrol Ultra(Acai Berry)
    Posted: 2009-06-25 by Anamcara

    Scammed for $87.13 on Credit Card

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    FWM Laboratories
    3007 Greene Street, ZIP 33020
    Hollywood, Florida
    United States
    Phone: [protected]/[protected]

    Yes, I was scammed like the rest of you!!! I recieved my supposedly free herbal product on 13 June 2009. My credit card was charged for shipping on 04 June 2009 the day after they had contacted me to verify my address. They tried to sell me another herbal product. I told them that I had only ask for the free one and if it was not free (I did not want the Resvertrol or any of their products). I requested them to cancell the order imediatly!!! On 22 June 2009 my credit card was billed for $87.13, plus and international fee of .70 cents. Keep in mind that this is still within the 15 day trial period as stated in their online terms!!! On 23 June 2003, I hand carried my unopened package to them at the above address. I wish you could have seen the look on their faces!!! I demanded to speak to a supervisor. They sent an employee named Rocky to speak to me" He said how sorry he was for the misunderstanding" Bull ###!!! I had him sign a paper that he had recieved my package of thier product. He immediatly gave me a confirmation number#1226447 and said I would get my refund. I told him that there had better not be any more charges on my credit card. They have quite an operation going on there. This place is where that take your order and recieve your returns of their product. I saw several USPS white buckets of orders, possibly waiting to be sent or returned. 1. I tried calling them, after I saw the charge on my credit card, got the run around and put on hold serveral times. 2. When I told them that I was in Hollywood, FL and would see them in a few minutes, they would not verify their address, because"of security reasons". 3. If you have been scammed like me and live here in South FL by all means pay them a visit. Here is how to find them. Take I-95 south, take exit 22 for FL-848/Stirling RD, Keep right at fork, follow signs for Davie/Cooper City and merege onto FL-848/Stirling RD, go 0.6 mile get in left lane turn left at N 29th Ave, in two minutes turn right at Greene St... You will see there business on your right. They do not have a sign up. Look on the business's doors you will see their address 3007 on the door. I don't think they want to be found. I later found on the internet that the business is owned by: Brian J. Weiss and Robert W. Harris. There has been an investigation on them from the Office of the Attorney Genral of Florida, Mr. Bill McCollom Case #L09-3-1041... Note: the Board of Commissioners Palm Beach County FL, Consumer Affairs Divison, Public Safety Dept. Has a report on them dated 6/23/2006 to 6/23/2006 The company address is listed as 2040 NE 163RD ST SUITE 305, North Miami Beach, FL 33162 . Business ID : 900578, Business is E-mail:, E-mail address:
    [protected] Note: this case was refered to another agency. You can find this info online. The Better Business Bureau has given this company(FWM Laboratories, INC and "F") I hope this information helps you get your refund. If I were you, I would cancell my credit card. Good Luck on getting your refund. I'm still waiting,
    PS use you GPS or Mapquest. They are easy to find!!!

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