SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Fraudulent Charges

1 Bangor, PA, US

I agreed to pay $3.95 for a trial offer of Natra Pure Herbal Colon Cleansing product and Acai Berry product. Found out later I was lied to about the actual trial period, finding fraudulent charges on my credit card that I did not authorize. Confronting customer service rep about charges they stated 2 of the charges were not theirs and the other they claimed was from them but would not be reversed because I did not comply with the trial period. I was given until 8/11/09 to call to cancel my account without any further charges than the $3.95. Upon calling to cancel on 8/11 service rep refused to let me get a word in edgewise and I had to actually become rude to get her to shut up and listen to my request for cancellation. She started talking over me again and my husband grabbed the phone and threatened her with contacting a lawyer if she would not cancel. She stated it was cancelled but refused to reverse the charge they had made on my card stating that she could not help I was misinformed about the trial period. I contacted my credit card carrier and was told by them that all 3 charges originated from Natra Pure although the billing names on my statement for each charge were different. I was given the toll-free #'s associated with the other 2 charges that Natra Pure said were not theirs and both ph #s were bogus. I am now working with the fraud dept of my credit card carrier to get this resolved. I really do not know if Natra Pure cancelled my account with them as they did not give me any confirmation # associated with the cancellation and refused to send me email verifying it was done.

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