Native Women's Resource Centre Of Toronto / Confidentiality

1 1, CA

My friend/coworker went to my pimps sentencing and was in the court hallway discussing what I was doing and where i was that day and the media reporter was in hearing distance. The blabber mouth knows there is rooms to discuss stuff like this behind closed doors and she knows the media reporters are always around. The woman im complaining about is Laurie Hermiston the svrt coordinator and I also know she smokes weed with clients and breaches alot of other ppls personal information. The boss Sarah Midanik has very poor problem solving skills and told me on a couple other complaints that we are big girls and she doesnt see the big problem about this and how wrong it is that this hasnt been kept safe. Also Joanne Miller the case manager from the svrt team screamed at me in the basement on the girls empowerment weekend. The agency is a mess and i know they lie on their stats.

Mar 09, 2017

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