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I received a promo from Santa Fe Tobacco Co.(the Makers of American Spirit Cigarettes). A free Carton of my choice and just pay shipping. I sent them a $6.00 money order. Some weeks later, the MO was sent back to me, asking me for a check. So, I sent them a valid check for the $6.00.

Time passed (a total of 2+mos) so I email them asking where my carton was. The e'd me back saying they received no check, period. Now I find that the company was sold, so God only knows what happened during the takeover. Did they lose my check? I have had no answer and feel they have just jerked me around. Why did they not accept a valid Money Order? I am pissed at their whole business practice and attitude. Their Ads are in a zillion Magazines.

I just want my carton, they were sent a check and if they lost it that is not my fault. I want Correction not Lies. I am going to BBB them also.

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  • Wa
      May 23, 2009

    They have been unscrupulous the entire time I have smoked them which is at least 5-plus years. They sent me coupons for free carton. When I sent it in, they responded that they could not send them to me as it was illegal to send them through the mail. I found this strange since I knew people who smoked Winston and other brands that sent them free cigarettes in the mail all the time. They did send me an American Spirit sign, but I could not smoke it.

    Then they started sending me coupons for $10 & $15 off that I could use at my local store. One by one the stores all stopped taking the coupons because American Spirit never made good on them with the stores.

    I understand they have been bought out by either Phillip Morris or RJ Reynolds, so now I don't even trust the cigarettes to be what they say, and which may also explain why it now takes only half the time that it used to to smoke one.

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