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Due to cutbacks at my place of employment, I reluctantly tried to get a small loan from one of the websites advertising for payday loans. Big mistake. Not long after, I received countless offers for loans. Not thinking about the repercussions, I foolishly filled out an application or two just to see if they were valid. (I do not remember filling out any application with Nationwidecash). They required checking account information and place of employment. I did not finalize any transactions because they required other documents to be submitted as well. Not long after, I noticed that funds were being withdrawn from my checking account to a point where I became overdrawn. Bank fees were being charged to my account as a result. I then checked with my bank who then produced copies of bank drafts from different websites. This would upset any normal person. At this point, I had no other choice but to close my checking account and re-open another one. A week later, I received three or four consecutive phone calls from a Mr. Fulton of Nationwidecash who accused me of check and wire fraud. I was stunned and angry, to say the least, because I knew I did not commit any such acts. As in all scams, they just want to suck money out of you to 'close the case'. I stood my ground and refused to give in to him so I hung up. This happened on a Friday. When I went to work Monday morning, there was a fax from this Mr. Fulton waiting for me. His message was threatening and angry stating that Nationwide Cash captures the IP addresses of all internet transactions and will trace the source of my application and that if I used my employer's computer to conduct this transaction, my employer would be contacted as part of an ongoing investigation. It then stated 'This impending action may still be avoided by calling Nationwidecash to make payment arrangements by ACH, Credit Card/Debit Card and or money gram. Please note that failure to respond will result in immediate legal action to be taken against you.'

For this reason, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. This morning (nine days later), I received another fax from Nationwidecash. This time from a Mr. Holden. What confuses me and scares me is that I do not recall receiving any cash from this company. If a transaction was in fact made, I would have made it a point to print a copy of the loan agreement.


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