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Nationwide Tax Relief / Tax Relief

1 11611 San Vicente Bl, Suite 500Brentwood Los Angeles County, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 800-750-7500

I started with NTR in November 2008 when I received a tax bill from the goverment for over $500, 000 (I didn't file taxes between [protected]). I called NTR after hearing an ad on the radio and was promised that they were full service, that they would do my tax returns and also negotiate with the government since I'm not in the position to pay a $500, 000+ tax bill.

I signed up (they charged me $21, 600) and everything started out okay. Over the course of three months I delt with at least six different people contacting me for information and never was provided information on who did what. Why I'm unhappy is I received a letter saying that my case would be closed unless I spent another $2, 160 to reopen because I had not provided all the information they requested. What really upset me is that the letter was mailed days after I emailed asking if they needed any other info from me(the tax returns were done and had recently been mailed to the IRS in early March).

The person who sent me the letter (Matthew Austin) who is the person I originally asked if everything was submitted claimed the letter was sent by another person (Paul Bartley) but when I pulled up the letter it was signed by Matthew who had told me everything was submitted and we just need to wait to hear from the IRS. Very confusing!

Well, in late April I got letters from the IRS saying that I owed even more than before because of an audit which has made me scared. I emailed the owner of Nationwide Tax Relief (Richard Boggs, who is the person I originally signed up through) twice over the past week and have received no response.

This company makes money from passing people around to different "tax advisors" or "assistance to tax advisors" so that you get confused and then they close your case and try to get more money from you to reopen. I was hopeful that they were a legitimate company that would help me out of my situation but now I can see they were just a company that takes money, asks for more, and doesn't really help solve anything. I would stay away from them and go to a tax professional in your community. I am still trying to contact people there who will explain where I'm at and what can be done but so far I have not heard back so I will most likely end up needing to go to a CPA or tax lawyer to get this mess straightened out. Stay tuned and I will update...

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  • Zu
      22nd of Jul, 2009
    -3 Votes

    You are a complete idiot for signing up for that. I hear that commercial all the time on Sirius radio and laugh at it. Richard Boggs even sounds like a ###.
    If you don't pay your taxes and owe the government, you have to pay the bill they send you. IT'S THE LAW! You have to pay your taxes! If you don't, then suffer the consequences. Nationwide Tax Relief and Richard Boggs cannot defy the law. Thats like stealing a couple of HDTV's from Best Buy and then hearing about a company that can bail you out of that situation and falling for it. There are no companies that can bail you out of breaking the law. It's just not possible. Use a little common sense next time.

  • Ta
      5th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    NTR is a scam. Is there any way to get your money back? Any class action suits going? And it's not about "not" paying taxes, just fair resolution. NTR does not do that. Took 15g from me then said they would not work with me unless I gave them another couple g. They did about 300 dollars of work, assuming a billable rate of 100 per hour.

  • Cm
      8th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Actually, NTR is not a scam. I am a contractor that works with the company occasionally. Yes, it's the law to pay your taxes. However, there are two ways to reduce your debt to the IRS as I understand it: 1) Take away penalties for late fees (Penalty Abatement) and a settlement for a reduced amount if you can prove that you're unable to pay (Offer in Compromise). These actually are handled by NTR (submitted to IRS or state government), and they do get results. They do terminate a lot of clients, and the majority of the time these clients couldn't make their fee payments to NTR, or they became non-responsive. But if their clients are diligent and work with them, most cases do get settled as promised.

    And obviously Richard Boggs is too busy to handle cases personally, so it would do no good to contact him directly. That's what his staff is for. You'll have better luck calling their main number and just talking it through with somebody on the phone.

    And the only time they demand more money from a client is when the client failed to give them complete and accurate information, making the case more difficult than when it was first quoted.

    Anyway, I'm not trying to suck up to them because of loyalty to the company, I'm just giving the other side. I don't know what happened with the person making this complaint, maybe just a miscommunication. If there is any way of you proving that you submitted all your documentation, you should bring that up with them.

  • It
      18th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I fell for it too. They took 15g from me and did nothing The IRS will work with ya. This company is a complete scam. I am working with attorney general in california to shut them down They should be shut down and go to jail. What they do is steal, white collar crime. Very bad company... can't believe they get away with it. I will shut them down now!

  • It
      18th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I have never complained about a company til now, Nationwide Tax Relief is a complete, irrevocable, scam. Do Not believe them. I am in legal proceedings with them n0w.

  • It
      18th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    If by chance you are employed by Nationwide Tax Relief, find another job... your boss will be in jail soon. Sad but so very true. This is the most dirty business I have ever seen in my life. Shame on NTR. I'm speaking from experience and can't believe government does not shut dirty business like this down. I will. I know how.

  • Bo
      31st of Mar, 2010
    -2 Votes

    I couldn't disagree more. I did a ton of research and finally decided on Nationwide Tax Relief. This is not one of those "Pennies on the Dollar" company's you hear on the radio. They were total pros. Handled my case with skill and provided me an Offer in Compromise I could handle. I would not have been able to negotiate as effectively with the IRS on my own so I ended up saving a lot of money.

    And to one of the're right. Paying your taxes is the law. But sometimes there are extenuating circumstances. Like having to cash out an IRA or 401K to makes ends meet. And even though you thought you paid enough tax you realize that cashing out pushed you in to a higher tax bracket. This is what happened to me and at the time I just didn't have the money to pay my taxes.

    And as I've jumped around this board before I've always been curious if any of the posters may be a competitor. Not accusing...just wondering.


  • Un
      1st of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I am the original poster and I can tell you that I do not work for any tax company (competitor or otherwise). I just don't think that paying $21, 600 was a fair price for what I got (four tax returns prepared) and terminating me as a client after constantly coming back and saying I needed to provide more info which I tried my best to do then asking for more money to get going again was kind of shady.

    To the person who said Richard Boggs is too busy to personally handle these thing, it's interesting because he wasn't to busy to answer my initial call to the toll free number when I heard the radio ad for the company AND meet with me in person when I was interested in getting going. He just became too busy all of a sudden when I was having issues with his employees trying to get more than the $21, 600 I paid for them to handle my case.

    I'm still in the middle of it with the IRS but they have accepted all of the returns I submitted to them so my tax liability went from $500, 000+ down to about $100, 000 and I'm going to hoping get that down even to a more manageable amount based on my current income that I can pay in installments over 5 years.

    So to the person who says paying taxes "is the law", well it's not the law to pay an amount that you don't really owe.

  • Jo
      29th of Apr, 2010
    -2 Votes

    You should file your taxes correctly and on time to avoid having IRS problems. If you are already in trouble, you can find IRS solutions and get help on our website at

  • Wb
      20th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    So there I am, I've just banked $18, 000 from some sap who sent it to me Western Union and I've cashed it before he's even seen my Rumpelstiltskin contact which doesn't match anything that I've said, then I put in my tickler file to ask for more money in a month, or ask the client to do work he's blindly paying me for, and when the customer is incredulous and refuses, I 'drop his case' without having done any work whatsoever, and I get to keep all the money! Fantastic! Isn't Brentwood great to criminals! Come on over!

  • Nt
      22nd of Jun, 2010
    -1 Votes



    Client hired Nationwide Tax Relief on Nov. 7, 2008. She was seeking our legal assistance to deal with a major tax debt with the IRS. She needed immediate help with this complex case since the taxing agency wanted her payment response within 15 days. NTR established legal representation with the IRS as well as emailing our standard questionnaires and tax organizers to her the same day, Nov. 7. Her signed Service Agreement states in part the following conditions: “NTR reserves the right to terminate service and revoke Power of Attorney (a) client fails to return Financial Questionnaires within 30 days from date of hire.” Additionally, “In the unlikely event that service is terminated by NTR, client agrees to pay any remaining unpaid portion of the service fee plus an additional charge of 10% of total service fee before NTR will reopen case and restore representation.” This contract verbiage is necessary to protect NTR from clients who for whatever reason fail to provide necessary information needed by the team to perform our job and move forward with a case. This client failed to provide requested documents which had been requested several times along with warnings of termination if client did not comply. The following is a brief summary from her lead representative. Because NTR is a large firm, we have many legal assistants that assist the representatives with gathering necessary information from the clients. The representatives remain busy confronting the taxing authorities while negotiating the best tax resolution under law for clients. This client seemed to be confused with the fact she would be contacted by different team members of our legal staff which is NTR's normal procedure. Because NTR was hired for tax preparation as well as resolution, our tax preparation dept. sent a final request letter on 12/17/08 since the client had not honored the 30 day window to provide necessary information. An additional 2 wks of grace was granted and another final request was issued on 1/6/09. On 1/15/09 another was request was issued for information. Again, more grace time was extended to the client. On 1/29/09 a 4th final request letter was sent. Because the client remained non compliant on all the warnings and deadlines issued by her lead representative and assistants, it became necessary to terminate her on 3/9/09. In summary, Nationwide Tax Relief is an ethical company with dedicated professionals and staff members. We have over 6000 happy clients and try to deal with the exceptional client that for whatever reason is terminated due to non compliance. NTR's signed Service Agreement allows any client that hires our services to know up front their requirements to remain in good standing and receive the service for which they paid. NTR is at no fault for our act of termination as described in the signed Service Agreement.

  • Ry
      11th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    to CMAR:

    "And obviously Richard Boggs is too busy to handle cases personally, so it would do no good to contact him directly. That's what his staff is for. You'll have better luck calling their main number and just talking it through with somebody on the phone."


    Richard Boggs is not authorized to handle any tax cases. He is neither an attorney, CPA, or Enrolled Agent which is required for one to represent someone before the IRS.

    Richard Boggs is a salesperson. He owns the company, but focuses only on sales and manages the sales team at NTR. Sadly, this is how almost all these tax relief companies are. Very few tax reilef companies are actually owned and operated by attorneys or CPAs.

    NTR is a sales based, and not a service based company. When things go wrong - they rely on the service agreement.

    When you call Nationwide Tax Relief, American Tax Relief, Tax Masters, and most the others, your call is directly connected to a salesperson, not someone who is authorized to handle your case, and technically that person is not legally allowed to give you tax advice either.

    However, there are a few tax resolution companies which are run correctly.

    One is Tax Resolution Professionals, They are owned and operated by attorneys with no salespeople. They are based in Los Angeles as well. When you call them you speak with attorneys the entire time on your case. I have had two friends use them and they were extremely happy with the result. They have an extremely good reputation in the industry.

    Another is Mike Habib, EA, also based in Los Angeles. He's an Enrolled Agent, and also handles the case from start to finish himself. I don't know anyone who has used him directly, but he also has an extremely good reputation in the industry.

    The key is, when you call a tax resolution company, ASK who you are talking to! Most likely it is NOT an Attorney, EA, or CPA, but just another unqualified salesperson!

  • An
      14th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Nationwide Tax Relief is a scam. My husband and I spent over 8, 000 dollars. The company told us that they could have our interest and penalties waved because they had the best attorneys. Unfortunately this was a lie. The only thing Nationwide did was take our money. We could have taken the 8, 000 and put it toward what we owed in taxes. You can setup a payment plan with the IRS by calling them.

  • Tc
      29th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    NTR is most certainly a rip-off! After hearing about them on the Christian radio station, I thought, they could help me. I was wrong and so many levels. Matt (who I spoke with at length) told me he could do all the things that the other complaintants have logged. This scam has to stop, the madness is so cruel, that binds you into believing NTR will help. I have dropped a consideralble amount of money into their pockets, this is money I could have used to pay my tax debt with. Spread the word about this company and If you work for them, quit immediately before you are implicated as an accomplish.

  • Un
      9th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    Someone asked for Richard Boggs' email address so here it is:

    I have been working with the IRS directly and everything is going fine so far. It seems like the general attitude over there is better to get something than nothing from the deliquent taxpayers so if you can prove that you don't have a lot or make a lot then they'll reduce it to whatever you can handle. As one of the people from the IRS told me on the phone, it doesn't do us any good collecting money if you're in jail or can't pay something you can't afford so we'd rather set you up on a payment plan that you can afford now than try and chase you for money that you can't afford to pay. She also said worst case scenario is I don't pay and we can't work out an agreement then a lien goes on my credit report so if I own anything or make anything they can take it but after some years (5-7?) it just goes away. Sounds good to me! I'll update when all is said and done which will hoepfully be in a couple of months.

    If Nationwide Tax Relief is still open, which it doesn't sounds like it is from the email I received from the person who says their phones are disconnected and can't reach anyone, I would still warn anyone to stay away from them. Too much money for not much (if anything) in return. Deal with the IRS directly and I think you'll have better luck and save your money for whatever deal you can workout with them. The paperwork they send out has tons of info on the process and places you can call for free to get information and help with any questions. Good luck!

  • So
      18th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    Same story as above. The good news for me is I only paid $2500 and am now initiating litigation. Found a lawyer in Brentwood California who is familiar with these guys and their scam. What is really disgusting is they are screwing over people who are in trouble. And if we had the money to pay the IRS we would just do so. It is interesting that no government agency goes after them as I am sure there are many complaints. I know I will be filing one with the State AG. I got my note on January 21 that "Matt Austin" left NTR and Jayne Andrade was my contact. When you call you get "leave a message" without even identifying themselves. Only name I have ever heard is Rick Paul... All I can do now is pray for those folks to become victims of someone else. Kind of makes me lose faith in my fellow man.

  • Ju
      23rd of Feb, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I totally agree it is a scam, they claimed I didn't send in all my paperwork which I did NUMEROUS times, I paid them 4500K which I could really use now that I lost my job. These folks are very non professional and have no intention of resolving your tax issues. I am at a loss and would sign up for any action lawsuit going against them. I also found that they have an F rating with the California LA area Better Business Bureau. They also offered to reopen my case for 2K. Unreal.

  • Du
      23rd of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    It appears I am another victim of NTR's scam. I have been working with this company for two years in the hopes of resolving my tax issues. My problems evolved from my operating a small business of my own. Since I could not afford a CPA, I tried to do my own taxes. Sadly, the tax laws are so confusing and arcane, I repeatedly underpaid. I wasn't trying to avoid paying taxes, I simply wasn't educated enough to accurately compute corporate taxes. Anyway, it soon became clear that I was not going to be able to negotiate a lower amount and I was simply hoping NTR could negotiate a monthly payment I could afford. I guess I was luckier than some of you. . . they only got me for $6000.00. But when you are already broke, that is a real hardship. Anyway, after not being able to communicate with anyone either (other than the mysterious "Rick Paul's" voicemail, I got the E-mail today explaining that they are no longer my representatives, nor even in business. So shame on me I guess for not discovering that these guys were running a scam - but 2 1/2 years ago, there weren't any companies available in Texas with the expertise that they claimed to have - and besides, they were running national TV commercials. Who besides a legitimate company can afford to do that? So, I to plan to file a complaint with the California Attorney General's office and probably with the United States Attorney for the appropriate District, since they were "selling" their services across state lines. I too would be interested in joining any kind of civil lawsuit against these people. If someone has one going, let me know.

  • Tf
      24th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    well i am a very upset with ntr.they got me for 6700. anybody have any advice what to do please let me todd. in texas.

  • Du
      24th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    Sorely Disappointed 2011:
    It sounds like you have begun legal proceedings against this company. I would be interested in discussing joining your lawsuit and it sounds as if tfielder (above) would too. Let me know at

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