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Nationwide Reader Service / can't get a hold of company to cancel

3509 Virginia Beach VA 23452Virginia Beach, VA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: (888) 234-6647
I got a call from the company who asked for me by name and told me my address and told me of the this offer that I reluctantly took and I researched the company and found out it was a scam. I received a letter about the service with a list of the magazines that I chose. I just tried to call the back to change and/or cancel and the number they gave me I called and some old women answered so it wasn't the right number. I just want to keep them from charging my credit card.


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  29th of Oct, 2008
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I got a call from the company who asked for me by name and told me my address and told me of the this offer that I reluctantly took and I researched the company and found out it was a scam. I received a letter about the service with a list of the magazines that I chose. I just tried to call the back to change and/or cancel and the number they gave me I called and some old women answered so it wasn't the right number. I just want to keep them from charging my credit card.
  18th of Nov, 2008
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will cancelling the credit card help?
  1st of Dec, 2008
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I am having the same problem..you can cancel your credit card but they will just send you the bill...im so lost and dont have a clue of what to do now.
  27th of Dec, 2008
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well the same exact thing happend to me i had to change my card so it stoped the direct billing, however about 3 weeks later they sent me a bill in the mail and after seeing all the thing on the computer how its a scam i am deffinetly not goin to pay the bill, and you shouldnt either..
  11th of Mar, 2009
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i had the same problem. they actually called me to see if i wanted to pay the remainder of my bill in full, so i went off on them and told them the number (888-234-6647) they had originally given me wasnt working and told them to give me the real number. After arguing with them for a few minutes they gave me this number: 877-608-2470. they actually answered this one but they didnt want to cancel my account because they had already paid the magazine companies in full. after arguing with them for about a half hour they finally canceled it for me and i made them give me a cancellation confirmation number. im still going to call my bank to make sure they know about it and dont charge me anymore. im sure i will probably get a bill in the mail for the remainder but im not paying that either.
  19th of Apr, 2009
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I also made this mistake and was told the same thing. Though my bank warned me that cancelling the card and opening a new one would only transfer the charge to that card (I guess the banks have to do that and it makes sence) But from what you are saying cancelling the card does work, (I'll probably still wait about 6 months to open a new one) they just send you a bill...does anyone know if not paying that bill has affected anything? I mean is there a risk of legal action being taken? I feel dumb enough for giving them my info, i don't want to end up having more issues from trying to get out of it.
  16th of May, 2009
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hi i think i have a solution for everyone who has been expoited by this company, i live in virginia where this company is located and i to have recieved calls from a company along the lines of this one. how ever when it comes to telemarketers i hang up. but this company calls themselves nrs or prs or something along those lines. but the actual name is ima telemarketing. And i have been looking for a new job and i became really despirate, so i applied at ima. ima has a bad reputation with their employees but i still tried it out. well i was hired and traind and thrown into the mix. well on my first day i noticed that every one working there knew the customers sweepstakes confirmation numbers off the top of their heads and that made me curious because the computer didnt show a confirmation number so i asked, and they told me its the same for everyone( c-208) so automaticly i assume there is no sweepstakes thats just a gimic to get those who believe that theres some things in live free, to stay on the phone, and perhaps you are smart enough to tell them you not interested then they catch before you end the call by saying there is no obligation to buy anything to particpate in the sweepstakes, but thats the key word to participate in the sweepstakes, thats the second way they redirect your atention because there is no reall sweepstakes but it is in fact a gimic to get you to stay on the phone long enough to introduce what there are selling. the third way is they say your going to get this free watch which is probably garbage and thats if you ever recieve one, but then they say that comes along with three free magazines which will compliment the fourth one which you will have to pay only 4 dollars and 99 cents and thats exactly how we were train to say it so that it could sound less than it is and keep you focus on the dollar amount not the issue of being charged every week for the next 60 months( 60months is about 5 years) so image that being charged to your acct. but its all a load of crap and when you tell them to take you off there list they dont do it unless you tell them to take you off there list and send you a confirmation letter that you have been tooken off their list. but i still work there as of today becuase i need the money and they have the hours that i need but i feel bad that they pressure people into buying things and lying to them so i chose to look for another job and not sell anything for them just sit on their clock and take their money and also give out any helpful information that can help bring them down. and i also take people off there lists and i dont pressure them once they say theyre not interested then i thank them for there time. but i have one more piece of information for those who may want it there main phone line thats guranteed not to change is 490-9860 and i am almost curtain if you call and let them know you know these deceitful secrets then they will surely free you from your debts and i wouldnt stop there if i were you i would report them to the better business burue ( i cant because my husband will kill me if i quiet the only reliable job that is willing to hire me.)
  1st of Jul, 2009
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I have the same problem!! But I don't know what to do, should I pay them to cancel or argue to make them cancel without me having to pay them the cancellation fee because I'm currently jobless and totally broke... =(
  2nd of Jul, 2009
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wow that same thing happen to me, and you know what i did called again and told them that i was going to report them to the better business burue.. and you know what after arguing for like 15 minutes he told me to wait on the line and after that i waited like 5 or 10 minutes and when he was back on the line he told me that my account was canceled and i told him that i wanted a confirmation that the account was canceled..
  24th of Jul, 2009
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Wow how crazy is it that I randomly get "selected" for this sweepstakes?! I was suspect from the beginning, the whole I'm new here line gave a lot of it away. "deborah" if that's her name really stressed that to the pointb of uncomfort, and then the supervisor that I was supposed to hear a few clicks to be connected to seemed like he was in on the conversation the whole time. Which to me was also wierd. He went on to say how legit this deal is but from reading voices and as a youth also being somewhat of a liar myself I pretty much read through it. Oh yea same info, c-208 confirmation code, 18662346647. They had all my info except credit card, which they really seemed to want. When I was on the phone with he supervisor I didn't really make feel good about what he was doing when I let him know I was suspect because anyone can get An 800 number and start scamming. I felt a little guilty thinking damn what if I really missed a great deal? But me being me I got off he phone and googled it to see others feel the same about these great "deals"!
  5th of Aug, 2009
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Yeah They Got Me To. I Called When I First Did And They Said They Had A Commitment To The Magazine Companies. I Just Cancel My Bank Account All Together. After I canceled a Man Called My Cell Phone Asking About The Payment and when I Told Him That He Said That The Lady Lied To Me and That I Could Cancel It And Gave Me A Number To Call. Called That and They Said I Don't Know Why He Would Tell You That. Now They Have No Way Of Getting There Money. I Also Called All The Magazine Companies Had Them Stop Delivery That Way There Getting No Money And I'm Not Getting Any Magazines.
  7th of Sep, 2009
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These guys are jerks! Me being young and naive, I gave out my ATM information. When they asked for my SSN, which was after the stupid recording, I knew for a fact that I was being scammed. For the record, I didn't give out my SSN, but I called my bank immediately after I hung up. I asked to cancel my card and to receive a new one, but I'm still scared to death. I know I won't be paying the bil, that's for surel. By the way, according to my online bank statement, the company is called MAGS now. Oh, for the employee, what's the area code for the number you provided?
  6th of Oct, 2009
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we should sue them.
  3rd of Nov, 2009
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NRS scammer, I can't believe that I am not the only with this problem. I had the same phone calls I already reported them to the BBB and I don't know what else to do, I am searching through all the complaints to see if I can get a phone number that will take me directly to the chief of Finances that will cancel my account because I was told that the only way to cancel my account is to have it at zero I have to different accounts saying that I owe from my bank $65 dollars in October I got a billing statement saying that I owe $139.97 dollars for the first month and I desperately to cancel my account. I don't have any money I'm mostly always over drafted, I'm 19 yr. old college kid that can verily make her payments and I can't afford for any of this to go on my credit record I need to have a loan in 3yrs. so I can go to A&M state University. I need help.
  12th of Nov, 2009
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Yep I too fell down this road. They charged me for 5 year subscriptions on 13 different magz. and a cancellation fee of over $600.00
I'm not sure how to get that back. I have taken all the steps with my bank and still cant seem to win. When I told the people at NWR I dont want the magz. it was all a mistake, they said sorry sir you already paid for the magazines. Then I tried talking to 5 other people over the course of around 60 min or so and they all said the same thing, "but you paid for them" and they won't stop sending me magazines.

How do I get them to stop??
  24th of Nov, 2009
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i have the same problem they were able to charge too payments of 68.28 but then i thought to myself. they made a fool out of me. when they we're telling me everything they told in a way that i would only be paying 4 dollars a moth or week or something. then the 68 dollars came up. i gave them my info but then they asked for my ssn and i was like i dont think so. this doesnt feel right. so they told that that woulod come up later when i feel more sure about giving then the ssn. ok. so i cancelled they would let i cancelled my debit card and got a new one. they sent me bill of 498.44 for the past months that i havent been paying.

Now they say that they sent me to collection, it is true can they do that. I am in the process of fixing my papers. will this affect any me in any legal way. i am really inpatient and worried and stressed out about this whole things.
is something worse going to happen. or should i just leave as it is.
can anyone help me or give me some help full advice.
  24th of Nov, 2009
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I got the same problem .
the we're to charge me a total of 2 bills. but i called and told them that i wanted to cancel and they told that i couldnt do that because it was a some kind of commitment.
not they sent me a bill of 498.44.
charging me for the last couple of months but i am not paying for this.
also i am in the process of fixing my papers will this affect me in any legal way. can they act in any legal way...
what can i do. they told me that they sent me to collection also, can they do that or not.
i am worried stressed and going crazy about this situation.
what can i do should i do something. or should i ignore them and just go on with my life.
can any one help me or give me some advice
  8th of Jan, 2010
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The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA) focuses on the uses of telephone lines, and is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission . As amended in 2009, the TCPA prohibits several of the business practices currently used by "NRS" - or "National Reader Service". Yesterday, I had two "unavailable" calls; one during the afternoon the other in the evening. [Violation 1 - Recent Legislation "requires telemarketers, for purposes of Called ID, to transmit the telephone number.." STRIKE ONE. I answered the second of these calls. Half expecting the police to be on the line, I was surprised to hear a jolly voice telling me I was, "in NRS's prize promotion". In studying for an MBA, one learns that a legitimate prize promotion does not require any purchase or payment of money for a consumer to participate or win. If a purchase or payment of money is required for eligibility for a prize, it is not a prize promotion; it is a lottery, which is generally unlawful under federal and state lottery laws. I know what you’re thinking, but no, that was just the wind up. There I was, thinking they were calling to tell me I won something cool. Here’s the pitch, "The Rule prohibits sellers and telemarketers from misrepresenting any material aspect of a prize promotion." Now, according to a CURRENT employee, this is exactly what NRS [the bad guys] are training the firm's hourly staff to do. STRIKE TWO. At this point, I was still excited about being in a prize promotion. I carefully placed my cigarette down, took out a post-it, and jotted down the name of the company. The next thing out of the employee's mouth was, "do you still currently carry an American Express, Visa, Discover, Willy Wonka, Monopoly, [etc.] card?" And like the coldest month of winter, my excitement left as quickly as it appeared. "Hmm, " I thought. They asked if I have ANY credit card. "WAIT A MINUTE" shot from my aggravated mouth. Click. "Hello?" in a lower tone. Nothing. The skank, [perhaps an employee who blogs ] hung up on me. The TCPA explicitly prohibits, "abandoning an outbound telephone call." STRIKE THREE. From the looks of it, the NRS won't be around long enough to collect anything you guys owe them. Study hard. [Don't fu%k with MBAs]
  22nd of Jan, 2010
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i also recevied this weird phone call and was suspicious. I got advice from the local officials to call and report them to your local Consumer Protection office, National Do Not Call Office and Federal Trade Commision.
  22nd of Jan, 2010
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I just fell into this trap today! I am a fool unfortunately I wasn't paying attention to the words he was using. So I immediately checked online when I stumbled upon this, and immediately called my card company, and told them to call and cancel my card. I was charged $68.20 on my account, since I told them that this was a fraud they said I'll get my money back and just ignore their calls and bills. DO NOT PAY THEIR BILLS or pick up their calls. The number they gave me for their customer service doesn't work. Well, I'm not too worried now since I'm gonna get my money back. Just be more alert, not like me being a complete Idiot! Hopefully I won't get any of their crap in the mail, if I do just try to send it back or throw it out.

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