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Nationwide Reader Service / huge up front payment,no magazines for 8 t0 12 weeks

1 3509 virginia beach blvdVirginia Beach, VA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 888-234-6647

canceled transaction with in seconds of hanging up from initial contact was unable to beat them to my account. 2 or 3 months before delivery is ridiculas. will i be able to cancel? i was not told length of subscription or total price. please send furthur informatio thank you

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  • Li
      21st of Sep, 2009
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    I hung up on the person i was talking to and then looked them up online to find that it was a scam and i called them right back to make sure they understood that they are not allowed to charge my card or my account and that if they did i will prosecute to the fullest...this place is a big scam do not use them or allow them any information at all.

  • Ms
      26th of Feb, 2010
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    I sure wish I had seen all these complaints years ago this company has been receiving funds from me very regular since 2008 and I never received my magazines, so finally I decide to cancel this "subscription" and what do they do, send my name to a credit reprting agency so my question is if I have been paying and mind you I know I have paid way more than they said I would how do you end this vicious cycle?

  • Cr
      27th of Mar, 2010
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    I work for NRS as a TRS (person that takes the beating by 3 bosses, ppl i HAVE to call, and more experienced telemarketers)

    I called a woman who also stated that she hadn't recieved the magazines that someone told her it would take (only a 2-3 from what my script says). Initially I was confused because this is what i'm supposed to tell ppl and its not happening, so I told her when she talked to my supervisor that she needed to ask the question because I obviously did not know why.

    So, if others, like yourself, please demand that you want to talk to the GM because other TRS's, like myself, are unaware of such things that are taking place. The only thing that happens when you cuss us out or tell us we're a bunch of liars, we hang up because, again, we're told to.

    Remember, we're getting paid legitimately. When we hear complaints because about things we don't know about and you don't ask to speak to a manager or a supervisor, then we don't care because we just believe you just want to ### us out for no reason besides the fact that we're telemarketers (a job that anyone can do).

  • Ma
      10th of Aug, 2010
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    actually thought it was a good deal untl i got the confirmation letter. immediately cancelled and i got some lady to confirm my cancellation. later on i get a letter saying i owed the this much money ad that they never received a call from me. now theyre asking me to pay around 204 dollars to cancel.

  • Po
      9th of Sep, 2010
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    I have started working as a TSR (Telephone Sales Rep) for NRS (Nationwide Readers Service) and the script that we follow says that the customer is to receive a free diamond watch, 3 monthly magazines and 1 weekly magazine for $4.99 weekly for a full 60 months. Now I happen to know that when we transfer the leads (people that agree to the $4.99 weekly) to our supervisor (a closer) that they are expected to pay as much as $68.28 per month for 19 months. If they do not like this option the closer can go all the way down to a $19.99 monthly payment. Now our company cannot legally charge your credit card until you first give out your credit (or debit) card number and second verbally concede to the charges. The company also tapes every call to ensure that the charges are in fact legal. Yes, we may have certain techniques (scripts and rebuttals) that help us to get the information that we need to make these charges on your card, but unless you give us the verbal agreement, then they wouldn't happen. I'm not saying that this is the greatest way to make money, but HUNDREDS of people agree to this EVERY week! You would be very surprised at the number of sales that are made everyday. We also are told to tell the people on the other end of the phone that we get their names and telephone number from major list brokers that provide us with the names and telephone numbers of people that carry one or more of the major credit or debit cards. I happen to think that we get the names and telephone number from a website that people enter their information into because A LOT of people tell me everyday that after they have filled out an online survey including their contact information that they have begun to receive tons of telemarketing calls and not just ones from NRS. Also a lot of people have filled out false information so that we have to try and sell people whose names we don't even have, and you'd be surprised to know how many people BUY this magazine "service" when we don't know anything about them. Also we have to ask the people "survey" questions. They are: Are you Married, Single, or Engaged? Are you between the ages of 18-20, 21-35, 0r 36-69? (we cannot sell to people under 17 or over 69) What year did you graduate from high school? Are you enrolled in college? Would you be interested in receiving a call from the College Bound Network about furthering your education? And which card is your favorite card, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover? These are not survey questions (although we do enter the info into our computers) they are questions that help us figure out which magazines to offer you and how you will be paying. Not really sure if there is a College Bound Network or not. The bottom line is this: if you don't want unwanted charges on your card, DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR NUMBER TO ANYONE OVER THE PHONE! Also, if you are receiving unwanted calls from telemarketers, or are not interested in buying anything over the phone, then please NICELY (because it is not my fault that your number was the one that happens to be on the other end of my headset and I am only doing my job so that I can pay my bills) tell the telemarketer to PLEASE TAKE MY (your) NUMBER OFF OF THE CALLING LIST. Then the person should correctly code your number as DO NOT CALL and the calls should stop from that company. Not all telemarketing calls are from the same company so you may need to tell this to more than one person. For those of you that are stuck with these unwanted charges, I am sorry, but unfortunately, you did this to yourself by not paying attention to EVERY WORD that was said during that fateful call. I surely hope that you are allowed to cancel this if you wish. I hope that I have somehow helped someone by my rant. I also hope that I can soon find a different job because I do not like that this is affecting so many people negatively but I too need to pay my bills.

  • Ol
      17th of Sep, 2010
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    OK, I had a call from these people and I answered their survey (to get them off my back) and the lady on the phone was speaking so quickly I could barely understand her. So I just kind of went "yeah" whenever she paused. And even sometimes when I didn't say anything (still trying to figure out what she was saying) she just assumed "yes" or continued on. Once I got to the supervisor who was speaking with clarity, I said I didn't understand what was going on when she was asking me about a watch. I asked her what company I was talking to (the phone number wasn't showing on caller ID), it sounded sketchy. Then I said "Can I have my number put on your do not call list?" Then she got mad and in a rude tone said "then why did you answer the survey?!" While I was saying "I dunno, you asked me to" she hung up on me.
    However, she never got my card number. So... will they send these magazines to me even though I never gave them my card information? They do have my address and phone number...

    I called the number back after finding it here and the customer service lady said she couldn't find me in the database and even then it takes two days for it to process (they use computers, don't they? Should it be instantaneous?)
    So I dunno if I should call back because I'm still unsure if I'm in the clear from this scam.

  • Mr
      12th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    They do speak quickly and no i'm not a rep, just a customer and I have ordered from a service like this before and it was awesome. They are called third party reps, where when you go on-line and enter any kind of info name, email and /or phonenumber, you will get a lot of people calling to try and sell you something. a lot of times its all bad ( to many calls from people) but it could be a good thing too. I happen to like reading magazines. What I heard from the whole conversation is that you pay $62.00 per month for a total of 19months, you get 4 magazines per month plus their personal magazine. I told them straight up that I have been in a service like this before and love it, You can change your magazine subscirption at anytime to a differnt magazine, you can't beat that. most magazine comanies are charging $12, $16, and $18 dollars a month, and that's just one magazine per month, here you get 4 and the 60 months that you are getting them for is a total of 5 years. now back to what I was saying. $4.99 a week adds up to about $20 a month and $20 a month for 60 months ( 5 years) adds up to about $1200.00 total. now they want you to pay that extra bit of money so that they can get it sooner and that you can continue to get your magazines without fail. Now myself, I don't have that type of money to give out and I told them that, they dropped my price down from $68.28 19 months to $39.31 per month for 33 months which is something I can handle. now there is some interest that is tacked on, but after the 33 months of payments I have 4 magazines that are coming to me for another 27 months without payment and i will still be able to change if I want. So that's my story on it. Make them slow down and repeat what they are saying so that you can get the full spill, and then repeat it back to them so that they know you got the same spill as they give you. don't let them rush you through the process. The reps get paid off commissoin an d they are trying to get as many customers as possible so that they can have money to take home and feed their families too. If they have to slow down and be m ore clearer, i'm sure they will accommodate that for a sale. The magazines are cool. Thanks Cory and Manager Eric Jones for getting me the magazines I want.

  • Ch
      22nd of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    I think this place is a LOAD of ###. I work for a telemarketing company as well. We have the scripts and the rebuttals, but we don't trick our customers into buying our product. if they say no it means no, we don't hang up on anyone REGARDLESS how mad they are. I've tried canceling my fiances account and they could only lower my payments, and then I call back because there was NO CONTRACT signed and now suddenly they can't speak with me. This company is a load of ###!

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