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I applied for a $500 loan in January. Each pay period that automatically tool $150 dollars from my account. I understand that there would be an add'l 50.00 (200.00) for the last payment. Which I thought. The young lady I spoke with told me that if I wanted to pay the loan off or pay extra that I would have to call them. This is what I understand.

Nationwide took $150 four times and then took $200 on the 30th of March. I thought this was my last payment. I was surprised to check my account and find out that Nationwide took another payment of $185.00 from my account.

I called to find out what was going on and apparently because I didn't call on January 30th to pay off the loan, I am responsible for a lot of charges now. According to their customer service rep, I still owed an additional $450.00 in fees + $ the 185.00 they debited from my account. I told the rep to debit the other $450 and I was done with them. Nationwide debited $400, I guess he waived the $50 (Big Deal) I was absolutely, totally mad. This is total robbery. When I add it all up, I paid Nationwide $1, 385.00 to borrow $500.

I will never do this again. I feel like so stupid and victimized because I was having a hard time. They need to be reported for charging such fees to customer. I wanted everyone to know. Please don't request a payday loan from Naitionwide cash! The government should stop these places from robbing people who are having a difficult moment.

I asked my bank to put a stop payment on them, just in case they say I owe more.

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      Mar 10, 2010

    I totally agree with this complaint about Nation Wide Cash, it is terrible how this institution is ripping off the american people. They charge you an amout to borrow the money and then they charge outrageous fees, So if you barrow $300 you end up paying back over a $1000. That is unamerican and this company should be punished by the government for taking advantage of americans who need help. Its okay to charge to barrow money like maybe $90 for every $300 borrowed, but not fees of $180 a month until the loan is paid off. I refused to be taken advantage of and the government needs to step up.

    I closed my account because they will not get a dime over the $390 I was told I would need to pay back.

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      Jan 20, 2012

    Nationwide Cash had a "system glitch" on January 16th and ended up deducting an additional $400.00 from my bank account, in addition to the monthly 102.50 they had already deducted. When I called, I was told to fax my bank statement and they would reverse the charges the next day. When I called on January 19th, they told me a different story: I now had to re-apply for another loan of (guess how much) $400.00 that they would deposit in my account!!! When I explained that it was their system glitch, they advised that there was no other solution. I then called my bank, however the claims representative advised me that the banks can't dispute payday loan charges due to the conditions in these contracts!!
    Obviously I learned my lesson, but here's a warning to all of you trying to apply for a quick loan. DO NOT DO THIS!! I know times are tough, but getting this type of loan is a total scam. Btw, my bank advised me to close my account to stop Nationwide from deducting any more money. Good luck to all of you, I am out about $1, 900 for a $400 loan.

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