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On 06/23/11 I was admitted to the hospital with Appendicitis. Was there unto 06/27/11. Once released I had to contact my job whom informed me to contact Nationwide Better Health to file for short term disability. Which I did I was asigned to a Case Cornator name Laure who instucted me on just what to as far as my paper work was concern, asked me whe I would be back to work and I gave he a esimated date based on what the surgen had told me around two week. Some where are 07/18/2011. On 7/14/2011 I went in for me check up and Dr. Harriott whom was my surgen asked how I was filling what I had been doing while he check me over making sure all was ok.
I told the dr. I had picked up a casket iron skillet fromthe stove and drop didn't relize it was that heavy and I tried to cut some bushes on the side of my house and just couldn't do it. At that time he stated yes you are not yet able to do the thing you did before but it will come back. Also stated that it takes 6-8 for you muscle to bond back together again. And at this time he stated I will give you 1 more week off.
So his nurse faxed the infor over to NationWide Better Health.
On 07/23/2011 still feeling discomfort I went o the doctor office and recieved a note to return to work with assitant for the next couple of weeks. But my job said no I couldn't come back until I was fully released.
On 07/23/2011 I recieved a lettr from Nationwide Better Health stating they could not approve my disability claim because there wasn't enough information to support it.
On 07/25/2011 I call NBH, asked what was needed for my claim and was informed they need office notes which I had no idea what they was talking about so I aksed you mean when the dr. right on your file you need that ..they said yes.
So I hung up and contacted the dr. office and asked that they send them over. On 07/27/2011 I called NBH to make sure they recieved the papers was advised yes there where in review. On 07/28/2011 I called NBH again to makes sure I would be getting my check and was told they got the wrong papers from the Dr. ooffce and my claim for short term disability hae been denied and the only thing I could do from this pointe was appeal. I am doing all I was to do for this claim and they have denied me and on top of that just was informed my appeal was denied from 07/25/2011 to 08/07/2011 because they clinic in house doctor states if I was out cutting bushes I could have been at work there was no need for me to be off.
Spoke with sereval people today and through out the last couple weeks at NBH about my appeal and no one is will to help. It stands I have lost 3weeks of pay. When I spoke with my Case Mananger there and told her I have a neibor who's bushes/tree branches grow over in my yard alone my gate I took a pair of prunes to try to cut them it hurted...that is what I called bushes...But for a none treating Dr. to denied my claim but because of that is not right.
This company isn't right and I was told that is the final word. I will sue them for the stress I have indure. I have been disrepected not fully informed and not communated to on a business level. Bryce a supervisor there
stated to me it is my respondability to make sure NBH is getting the correct paper work from your Dr. But how do I know what you recieved unless you inform me if it right or wrong. They would not contact the Dr. office via phone only fax. And as of 07/11/2011 I only recieved 1 phone call from them just to see if I had got my papers filled out, was the only time some called me.
Very poor customer service skills. I which my company would drop this company. I will pursue this case to the bitter end!

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