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Nationstar Mortgage / mortgage

1 Dallas, TX, United States

My name is Karen Asch at 434 Buchanan Avenue, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001.
Email: karenasch@hotmail. This is about my property at 913 Egleston Avenue, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001.
Hopefully i don't miss anything third time i am trying to submit, thank you.
I never had a problem with my mortgage when First of America had my mortgage from 2008. First of America worked with me even when i broke my wrist and couldn't work for 6 months. First of America was forced out of Kalamazoo, and my mortgage was sold to Nationstar.
Then the problems started. Nationstar deleted my insurance from the paperwork in the first month.
I fell on a period when drug addicts were in my apartment. It took time for the courts to get them out. I stayed in touch with Nationstar. I wprked 2 to 3 jobs to keep up.
I missed September and October 2017 payments. I sent a payment on November 1, 2017. I kept in touch with nationstar from September 2017 calling them.
On November 1, 2017 when i told Nationstar 510 dollars was on its way and should be there we set up an agreement to pay 1, 150 dollars on December 15, 2017. I sent the 1, 150 through bill pay for December 15, 2017. On December 18, 2017 the money was back in my account so i called Nationstar. Nationstar said they changed the amount to 2, 049 on December 14, 2017. After arguing that that was not legal, we set up an agreement to pay 2, 049 on December 29, 2017 ( my next payday). Nationstar refused payment again changing the amount due on December 28, 2017. Nationstar then told me to do a modification and they would mail me the forms. I completed the modification and sent Nationstar everything. I called Nationstar each time to make sure they recieved it. After the modification i always got a cierra greens voicemail and she never called me back, i had to fight to get an operator. Nationstar claimed they could not process my modification because my senior services paycheck did not have year to date deductions. I faxed them my paystub many times. My boss printed them off 1 for me and marked them.
February got tough with the weather and delivering mail. Nationstar picked my busiest time of year for this. So the end of February i heard nothing and thought everything was set. I called nationstar the first week of March 2018 to be told that they foreclosed on February 15, 2018 that they were tired of messing with the loan and that i should have known that. Tried arguing again to no avail.
I have been to banks, lawyers, etc. Everyone tells me i have a great case and that it should be overturned. But nobody will fight for me because they know how Nationstar lies, cheats, and looses voice recordings.
Nationstar also changed there name to Mr Cooper. I don't want them to steal my house. I feel behind in bills due to the drug addicts but everyone worked with me and everything is caught up in full except Nationstar because they won't be honest.
Thank you for your time.
Please help!!
Karen Asch

  • Updated by Karen Asch, Jul 18, 2018

    I have tryed fighting them through the Better Business Bureau and seen nationstars lies and mistrust. Through the Better Business Bureau i have learn Nationstar had closed my account prior to November 1 2017 but never said a word until now with the Better Business Bureau.
    Thank you
    Karen Asch
    Ps can i email a copy of mycomplaint to my email to keep communicating with you
    Thank you
    Karen Asch

Jul 18, 2018

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