Nationstar Mortgagemodification approval scam

Your process is worse than Bank of America. I never thought I would see it. This horrible process has stressed me out. Last year I was approved for a "temporary" modification. Never heard of it, but I received the paperwork to pay my new approved payment, then after a few months I was told my new payment would go from $2675. to $3600. a month. When I inquired was told can only start process over, but continue paying higher amount.

I then started whole process again paid $10, 500 in trial payments. Received a call around end of February stating that I had been approved and to look out for the loan package in the mail. I received the loan paperwork in March, signed, sent it back and confirmed receipt. Called back to follow up, because when I logged into my nationstar account to make my first modification payment, my account still showed it was in Mod status.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Grand Prairie, TXThe Agent I spoke to said give it time, because documents were received, but not uploaded yet.
Called back the following week to find out that I had just been denied based on a technicality. How did I get approved in March and denied in April. Also, why is it that my home loan start out to be only $276, 000 and each time you guys make my start this whole process over I am incurring additional charges my loan went to $313, 000 then to $401, 000 and now it's $414, 000. I have once again resubmitted a new modification, but quite frankly I want you to use the existing approval. And for this horrible experience I want at the very least the original loan amount I started with before you added all of these fees to scam me into restarting the process multiple times.
Honestly, I was attempting to send this information to the BBB and to consumer Affairs, but want to escalate to nationstar first to follow the proper channels.

Apr 28, 2017

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