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Nations Housing Modification Center / stalled us and witheld info and our home went to auction

1 Settle Quick, Mike Trapp, San Marcos, CAWaimanalo, HI, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 760-761-0192, 443-604-9659

We paid Nations Housing Modification Center (NHMC) $3000 (with another 3000 due after successful loan modification) to work with American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc. (AHMSI) . Nations Housing Modification Center guaranteed a plan or your money back. Not only did Nations Housing Modification Center NOT get a loan modification for us, Nations Housing Modification Center actually stalled us by not calling us back and giving us the impression they were working things out with American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc. Nations Housing Modification Center co-owner Brian Rosenberg told us everything was alright and on track and Nations Housing Modification Center could easily get the loan modification done.

Nations Housing Modification Center "worked out a plan" that we wire (through Western Union Quick Collect) American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc. $8500 dollars and AHMSI would negotiate. Then American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc. changed the amount needed to $11000. This was the amount needed before American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc. would work out a plan for us. Then Nations Housing Modification Center called us at the last hour before the "foreclosure auction date" and told us nothing could be done.

What was odd is that our negotiator Carrie of NATIONS HOUSING MODIFICATION CENTER called us the day before the auction and asked for another person BECAUSE SHE FORGOT WHO SHE DIALED. Carrie from NATIONS HOUSING MODIFICATION CENTER was apologetic when I identified myself and asked her for an update. We never heard from her or NATIONS HOUSING MODIFICATION CENTER again . The following day (auction day--when the auction would get moved and we would negotiate because we sent the $11000) Nations Housing Modification Center had three other different people RETURN our calls and put us off until they told us the mortgage refused to work out a plan for us.

Even though we sent the required money, the verbal agreement with AMERICAN HOME MORTGAGE SERVICING was now off and NATIONS HOUSING MODIFICATION CENTER could do nothing about it. Why didn't these "professionals" tell us the deal was off when we had time to fix it?? They knew and witheld information from us and had other strangers call us to say they were busy working on it with American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc.

The $11000 Western Union Quick Collect wire was accepted by American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc.. And then AMERICAN HOME MORTGAGE SERVICING CENTER decided to not give us a loan modification. Our home went for auction and the loan company has it because it says there were no bidders.

Nations Housing Modification Center owes us $3000 and an owner Mike Trapp said they have to look and see what we owed in hours before any refund. WHAT?????!!! These people have done nothing but cause us to lose $14000 and our home???!!!

AMERICAN HOME MORTGAGE SERVICING stole our home because the know it has equity. We have lived here over 10 years and plan to stay here. How can these people be so heartless and uncaring? Right after the "auction", Christina Ingram of American Home Mortgage Servicing told us we would need $45000 to get our home back. I asked her about the $11000 we wired to them and she said they sent it back. American Home Mortgage Servicing said the day after the "auction " that we would need to give American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc. $40237 to get our house back (a lower amount). When I again asked about the $11000 we wired American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc. to negotiate, Christina Ingram said they sent it back to us. Western Union told us there is no money in the system from them sent to us . More LIES from American Home Mortgage Servicing Center.

People, this is information that is true (unbelievably true). I hope it reaches others so they have a better chance than we were given.

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  • Ze
      22nd of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    They do not complete or even start the service they are paid for.

  • Os
      27th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I was recently SCAMED by this comapny. They stole 2, 600 of my hard earned money. My home is still in forclosure, unfortunatelty!

  • Cb
      29th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I was SCAMED as well!!! There numbers don't work anymore and they took $2, 500 dollars two months ago. What do we do now to get our money back from these CROOKS and and DEVILS!!!

  • Ca
      3rd of Aug, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I too was taken in by these ###... has anyone found out if we have any options or recourse against them?

  • Gm
      6th of Aug, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I live in Phoenix. Out of sheer desperation, we tried NHMC to save our house. I will walk barefoot to California to testify against this worm.
    It took all we had and now there is no place to go but out in the heat. I need my 3k back Bryan Rosenberg!!

  • Nn
      10th of Aug, 2009
    +2 Votes

    We too were scammed by this BAD company...Our house is now in foreclosure proceedings. They took $2500.00 from us. Roger and Mary Beth took all our info...How and what can we do to get our money and identity back??

  • An
      13th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    They did it to me too!!

  • An
      13th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Scam, connot belive I fell for this, BEWARE do not use this company, Bryan Rosenburg (obviously not a real name) they tried to get 3000 up front fortunatly I only gave them 1250. SCAM all the way cant reach them at all anymore pnone numbers are changed or not useable...

  • An
      13th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am so heated I forgot to spellcheck!! PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! I'm sure by now they are aware of how many people know they are thieves... ooooooo if I had time and money, what I would do!!!

  • Cr
      25th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes
    Nations Housing Modification Center - Fraud
    Nations Housing Modification Center
    New York
    United States

    I receive a letter fron the company to modified my mortgage.
    after they took 1000. dollars from my bank, no one answer my phone calls.
    They are crockssssssss.

  • Ta
      1st of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I too was taken by these ###... Does anyone know who is investigating them?? I talked with a woman who worked there and she told me it was the San Diego District Attorney's office of Real Estate Fraud 619-531-3552 (hotline) main number is 619-531-4040. However, I have left several messages and no one has returned my calls. I also spoke to FBI field office and was told they did not have case pending. I will keep trying the DA's office and suggest that others do the same.

  • Mi
      10th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Dept. of Real Estate
    2201 Broadway
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    C. Sunquist

    Open Case:
    No. H-4004 SD

    CA Dept. of Real Estate


    Federal Housing Modification Dept. INC, a Delaware corp, Michael A. Trap, and Glenn Rosofsky

  • Me
      7th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    we also call ed out of shear fear of loosing our home, and needed our payments lowered. we have been in our home for 21 years. my husband called the national mortgage help center and a good and fast talking con artist lead us to believe that they could solve our problem and because they worked with a calif bar associated lawyer (also a fraud) Abbasi and Associates that the modification process would run smoother with a lawyer in "your" corner. I would be typing all day if I wrote about ever thing they didn't do for us.However
    during this process our bank stopped excepting payments from us. and started foreclosure procedures.(are payments were behind even before they stopped excepting our check) right away when this happened we faxed the letter and copy of our check. "Not to worry" there famous words, this happens all the time. "it is a bank scare tactic" after sending our retainer along with the first payment of 1, 250.00 on Nov 3 09
    to our consultant. who was so believable. He said we would be assigned a coordinator.
    just as he said Stephanie called. and had a list of documentation she would need. we faxed them and again some time went by. I called stephanie and ending up talking to "matt" who "worked" with stephanie. I informed him we hadn't heard anything in awhile. He told me that we need to sign and return (I can't remember the number on the form) it is in my pile of correspondence here somewhere) anyway this form was for the bank to request any tax returns they needed for the modification process. ok did that. One suday evening. I here from stephanie she needs the same form we just faxed to Matt. I told her we already did that. I also said to her you people must be so busy to work on a sunday, I hardly got a response from that except yeah. time passes all different people start to call about missing documents. documents I know and have proof of all Fax's. I would say to the caller I faxed that . In return I would hear maybe it just hasn't hit the system, if by the end of the day we still don't have it we will call. No call means documents are there. this happened on a number of occasions. more time passes and we get a letter from our lenders lawyer that our house will be sold at auction on march 1 2010. sent that letter to them. it's ok not to worry. last week before auction date. they had us crazy refaxing and refaxing. also trying to say the borrows authorization form and retainer was not there. Now I started getting mad our foreclosure sale is on Monday 1 and they still saying they needed documents that weren't there. confirmed by others they were, they weren't ...wt[censored]
    I spoke with a so-called supervisor FRIDAY the 26th I was like a crazy person because on Thursday yet another name called and asked for yet other documents that they didn't have . I asked her what the hell was going on. Her reply was I know it must have been tough working with so many because Stephanie was let go from the company. Let go! why and where is our personal information. anyway, Greg the "supervisor" in his own words said I have my senior negotiator on the phone as we speak with your lender, to post pone for closer. It wasn't until this point that I found out that our lender never was contacted by Hope4homes Abbasi law until Friday theFeb 26th and the only thing they received was the borrowers authorization agreement, which was signed nov 2.
    So again waiting for a call. guess what NO call. I called back and was told Greg was gone for the day I asked about the postponement and yet another person said don't worry again...our senior negotiator has taken your file home with her so she can call your lender at 5am calif time which would be 8am est when our lender opened. Monday is the auction sale date and now we have the weekend until we hear something. we heard nothing. last minute I wrote emails to city officials, non profit housing help line on sunday night and when monday morning came I had an email from RI housing to contact them asap. NOW I know about them and how they help and work with homes owners in trouble and they are HUD approved ...Learn from me don't pay any money up front this is a big red flag!!! forensic audit another flag. and you dont need a lawyer. anyway this wonderful helpful person did everything in her power to stop the sale. she asked the bank for only a 10 day postponement until she could get a package ready on our behalf for the presidents modification plan. The bank would not postpone this for 10 days...only 10 days. They were told by ri housing that we were trying and had all intention of curing our debt with them but we unfortunately was scammed and that the company that we retained did absolutely nothing. Bank didn't give a crap. would not postpone for nothing.
    my husband and I came home to people gathered outside our house I guess biding.
    so not only where we scammed, the banks who just got how much money from the government to bail out there ###'s after allowing mortgages and refi's to people who really could not afford what they were borrowing, and the president of the united states announced his plan for these home owners to help them save there homes and they wouldn't allow just 10 days so we could work with non-profit agency and put a package together to once again apply for the modification. all we needed was our payment lowered. and a chance to show we can handle our debt if we had a payment that would not be a financial stress. what now? NO HOME<21years and scammed and tossed aside from the bank who received money from the goverment to participate in President Obamas h4h. To me, this is crimal! After the sale had taken place I called Hope 4 homes Abbasi law I was told that it was our fault that this happened because of the documents that weren't faxed. At this point I completely lost it...after many words from me and them. the ###. I asked where is Stephaine..."Vic" said she was let go due to not uploading documentation. what? there is your answer stupid! Vic said he would call me back "tomorrow" after he found out if the bank has the house or if it went to highest bidder.
    why I asked and he said maybe we can still do something. ok call from Vic
    but I called him that was just another waste of time. He transfered me to Greg . a name I Iknow...Greg started about our documentation I told him he was full of it. I also said, if thats what provented them from doing there job as they claim, then go and
    ask Stephaine where all our original documents are, if thats the story your going for. I also said I knew why she was let go, Vic had told me she was n't uploading the documents but Greg said she left the company because she had to take care of her grandmother who was very sick. Oh, I can see how Vic would confuse the two...OMG how could we have been so mislead. we are not normally stupid people we were just so distressed that we let our fear of loosing our home cloud are rational thought process. I dont care how, I don't care when but I will not rest until these people...each and everyone pays for what they have done. It is time that we stop being at the mercy of others it time to fight. fight the ### scam artist, fight the banks who are so corupt. Fight for our dare this happen to american homeowners, there has to be some recourse. and if there is not. Fight to put one in place.

    do not call National mortgage help center...never work with hope4homes Abbasi and Associates. also known as M A Law Group out of Los Angeles CA

    do call local nonprofit Hud approved agency...they will help and they help for free.

    some good has to come from this. Otherwise evil wins. I can't let that happen.

    so bottom line do not call National Mortgage help center!!! do not work with Hope 4 Homes Abbasi and Associates out of L A Calif. also they go by another name M A law Group. crooks, cons and ###!!! Call your states housing athority get directed to non profit organization ...No scams ...they help homeowners, and it cost nothing.

  • Kl
      2nd of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    The group behind an alleged loan modification scam first reported by the 10News I-Team faces new charges after a secret indictment was unsealed.
    In the federal indictment, Mike Trap is accused of being the "money guy" behind Nations Housing Modification Center. The center's loan modification scam duped customers into paying upfront fees for loan modifications that never happened, according to federal prosecutors.
    The group's official-looking mailings claimed a Pennsylvania Ave. address in Washington, D.C., but the I-Team learned it was only a post office box.

    Last summer, the I-Team discovered Nations Housing was really operating out of a San Marcos building. Company managers did not want the I-Team there and even called a shredding company after the I-Team's unannounced visit.
    "They're totally illegitimate crooks, " said one alleged victim.
    The unsealed federal indictment also detailed how the sales pitch for Nations Housing was a lie. It claimed lawyers were on staff, but "there were no attorneys or forensic accountants" to aid customers. Also, the group said only a few customers qualified for loan modifications but they "accepted anyone who could pay the fee, " according to the indictment. The group claimed success with modifications, but they had "not modified any mortgage loan."
    Trap tried to hide on the day the I-Team visited. Now, he and partner Glenn Rosofsky have been named in the federal case. They are accused of preying on the desperate for a $900, 000 windfall.

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