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Nations Housing / Scam

1 United States

We decided to go with Nations Housing Modification Center, which was the biggest mistake I think I ever made. When I first got in touch with them on May 6th they asked all the questions, they approved us and Alex said they were going to send all the paperwork by email. When I didn’t get anything by May 7th I called them again, but I never got a return call. The only reason we didn’t drop them at this very moment was because we could not get anyone else to help us. I finally was able to get in touch with them again on June 10th. They apologized and said that had lost our file, and we were going to have to start the process over again. I got the email that day by a guy named Robert, but he explained to me and my boss that he needed to send $1, 500.00, along with the last three pages of the packet. After he was approved they said he would have to send another $1, 500.00, but my boss also asked if he wasn’t approved would he get his money back, Robert said no.

Then he continued to ask if he decided to go with another company before the approval went through could he get his money back, Robert said yes. My boss asked that day, when he sends the money how long will it take to be approved. Robert clearly stated that it would be no longer than three days. I sent the last three pages by fax into Nations Housing on June 11th and I sent them twice, and I over knighted the check to them on June 12th. On June 15th I contacted them to ask if they received the check and fax that I had sent. Robert said that they received the fax and the check, great. I took that three day waiting for them to call to finish the rest of the paper work and i mailed that on June 16th. I waited three days before I called again on June 18th. I was not able to get a hold of any body. On the 19th Kari from the financial department called and had asked where the information was that I had faxed. I had told her that I faxed it twice to them on June 11th. By this time I was getting very upset, the house was going into forcloser on July 16th and I didn’t have the time for them to be messing with matter anymore.

When Kari called back she had said that she went to go find the paper work but there was no file of it, but she did say that she had the paper work that I had sent on the June 16th. Kari wanted me to fax her again, but I refused. That day my boss decided that we were going to not go with Nations Housing. We never got any confirmation that we were completely approved, which means that we wanted our money back. My boss called the financial department on the June 22nd requesting the money be sent back. When he couldn’t get any response by them regarding the day as to when the check was going to be sent back, I called and got a hold of Brian Rosenberg. Brian stated that we were going to get our money back, but we just had to be patient.

On July 7th I called Brian at 6:40pm. He was very rude, and was yelling at me on the phone, and then he hung up on me. I called again on July 8th and asked if I could talk to a manager, and they told me that the manager was Brian Rosenberg. I asked for them to document my complaint, and I would like call back from someone. I never got a call back. I called again on July 17th and talked to someone by the name of Brian, but different person than Brian Rosenberg. I told him what had happened and he very apologetic, and told me that someone will be in contact with me today. I never received a phone call that day. I called again on July 20th and talked to Brian again, not Brian Rosenberg. This time he was very rude to me, and when I asked him if had given the message to anyone he told me the only person I could talk to about this matter was Brian Rosenberg. Then I told him that you know that’s one of the reasons why I called and complained. Then proceeds into saying there is nothing he can do for me and that he had to help people that were getting loans through them, then he hung up on me. Word to the wise never go through this company. They are rude, manipulative, and just the worst scammers out there. They will promise you the world, and take everything you got.

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