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National Union Fire Insurance Company / Scheme

May 7, 2015
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Contact information:
National Union Fire Insurance Company/AIG/Wells Fargo
7300 Mallory Circle
Phone: 7039718501
Wells Fargo shared my personal information with National Union Fire Insurance Company (who have offices throughout the U.S. - no home-base), AIG, and a telemarketing company who started calling me 20 times a day in August 2009 from 8am-9pm and it continued daily until I picked up. I mistakenly thought if I let the person ramble a bit, the calls would end. Same thing happened in 2011, only this time I told them they were harassing me, calling me 20 times a day, and NO, I did not, and DO NOT want insurance. To put things in perspective, I was in cancer treatment, many surgeries, my 25 year old son had just died, my 23 year old daughter had just had bilateral mastectomies and was going through 2 years of reconstruction. All I wanted when I got home from work was some peace, and the ability to fall apart when I needed. Granted, as a result of being under the care of an oncologist, an internist, a gastroenterologist, a psychiatrist and a psychologist and prescribed multiple medications, I wasn't paying as close attention to my Wells Fargo credit card statements as I should have. Discovered they have been charging me $24.90 each month since August 2009 and $23.95 each month since 2011. I have complained in writing and by phone. I have reamed out Wells Fargo for accepting these charges and sharing my information. The trick is - National Union Fire Insurance Company is in many states - so which insurance commissioner do you contact. The stupid person who called me yesterday from this insurance company wanted proof that who I was who she called. Couldn't believe it. They replayed recordings of those calls from 2009 and 2011 and said they were the same voice, and it was me. I CLEARLY said in 2011 "NO" twice to insurance offers and asked them to stop calling me. Although I didn't say "yes" or "no" in 2009, they started a policy anyway, so she refuses to refund monies for that. I am writing every insurance-related official I can think of. I told them I never wanted this insurance, never needed it, and never asked for it. If I get the money back, Wells Fargo will be paid off and I will close that credit card account and NEVER return. Shame on all of them. If anyone has any other ideas, let me know.

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