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National Studios / Awful experience

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In April of 2008 I paid a partial payment to have photos of myself and my daughter made. We went to a local Big Lots in Columbus, Ohio to have photos taken in April were the remaining balance for the photos was due. They mailed out a postcard to my address to come and view the photos on May 5, but I did not receive the postcard until Mid May.

I contacted them and let them know what had happened. The CSR that answered the phone told me that I would have to wait until they came back to my area to view and receive my portraits. It is now March of 2009 and I have yet to receive my portraits or a refund.

I have contacted them several times over the time period and have not got any closer to resolving the issue.

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  • An
      11th of Mar, 2009
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    National Studios - Terrible experience
    National Studios
    United States

    I had scheduled an appointment for my three boys to have their pictures taken at a local K-Mart. I was told there would be no sitting fees and all I had to pay was $10 now and $10 later, which I did.

    October 4th, we showed up for pictures and the photographer was pleasant enough and he did a great job. When he was finished he told us we would receive a postcard in approximately 4 weeks and it would give us a date and time to view our photos. We explained then that we would most likely be out of town for an educators conference and he said no problem. All I would need to do it call the 1-800 number to reschedule. When I got my postcard, the viewing was the day we were to fly back. I called the 1-800 number and told them the situation. That is when they explained to me that they are a traveling company and we would have to wait another 6-8 weeks for another postcard with another day to view the photographs. The postcard never came.

    After numerous phone calls, voicemails and attempts to reschedule or obtain the photos I had already paid for, I still had nothing. I quit calling and decided to wait out my 6-8 weeks. No postcard.

    I attempted my fight again last Friday, February 27th. I spoke with an Abbey who seemed to know very little about the company or the way things ran. I was put on hold a number of times. Finally, Jeanette came on the line, confirmed my address and told me she would mail me pictures. When I inquired to which pictures she would be sending, she replied with, 'Look lady, I told you I would mail them to you.' and was abruptly placed on hold for Abbey. I asked for a supervisor and was informed that Jeanette was in fact a supervisor. I asked for her supervisor, left yet another voicemail to which I got no response.

    Today I spoke with Ron and was told he was a supervisor. He stated he would send me my original package as well as all of my proofs. We'll see!

  • Ja
      27th of Mar, 2009
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    i have never been so upset about pictures in my life. i was willing to pay for the pics. we really wanted all of them, . and the disc. but when we took all the extra photos and paid for a disc that gave us the same pics we bought plus only one of the 9 other poses. we didnt even get to choose the ones we wanted. i am in the military and so is my spouse and he is retiring this year so this was our last and final pic together with our son as well . how dare they show up that pic tell us we cant buy it and lie to us and tell us all the poses we took would be on the disc. I am making a complaint to FORT RILEY KANSAS ( PX/BX) and will spread the word around on my new web site that will be just about this company and how they rip us off. To take advantage of hard earned money like this hurts. But hurts more when you dont get what you paid for and we promised. I will not let this go lightly. I plan to show them what happens when you do this . and if google them you will find alot of complaints. i wish i would of checked them out first i would of never gave them a dime.

  • Ca
      24th of Oct, 2009
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    National Studios - theft by deception
    national studios inc.
    bilo store#608
    South Carolina
    United States

    my husband went into bilo and was approached by MR. Adam Macabee, a employee for national studios, who told him about pictures packages that he could recieve for 12 dollars! My husband signed up for the picture package misinformed that ther would be an additional charge of 12 dollars the day of the pictures. I went later that day and signed up for the package and gave Mr.Macaby 10 dollars and he told me that all I needed to do the day of the photoshoot was to pay the remaining 2 dollars.Again misinformed of the additional12 dollars. After a friend told us about how these pictures really worked and of the additional 12 dollars I went back to ask why he didnt tell me of this and his respond was " dont worry I will be here the day of your pictures and we will wave the 12 dollars on behalf of BILO for customer appriciation day".When I asked BILO of this I found his statement to be untrue and in actuality he was not going to be there and I will have to pay the 12 dollars anyway. I cannot get my money back and this man continues to falsify information to other people robbing them of their hard earned money. National studios has yet to comment.

  • Yo
      23rd of Nov, 2009
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    Mi experiencia en el dia de ayer 11/22/2009 en Sam' con esta compania que estaba alli promocionandose dias antes teniendo nosotros que pagar 10 dolares antes y 10 el dia en que le tomaron la foto a mi bebe, puedo decir que la experiencia fue terrible, el dia de la foto el fotografo tenia un mal genio tremendo, estaba apurado tirandole las fotos a nuestro hijo de 7 meses que por supuesto se necesita tiempo y dedicacion para hacer este tipo de trabajo. Se demoraron 15 dias para dar razones de las fotos y ayer cuando fuimos a recoger las fotos fue pura desilucion, de todas las fotos que le habian tomado al bebe nos ampliaron la unica en la que habia quedado mal, la impresion de la foto era que nuestro bebe parecia un nino discapacitado faltandole totalmente una mano, ellos hicieron eso para obligarnos a comprar un paquete de fotos en las cuales el bebe habia quedado mejor, no bien, solo mejor, y como no estubimos de acuerdo nos dieron una cita para dentro de 3 meses la cual no asistiremos, y no nos quisieron hacer un arreglo de cambiarnos el paquete de las fotos ya que habiamos pagado, ahora estoy llamando y no salen al telefono, estamos tratando de quejarnos y con nuestro dinero perdido, mi recomendacion es que cuando vean a otra persona de esta compania, volteense y miren a otro lado, son pura estafa.

  • Pe
      23rd of Feb, 2010
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    well I didn't have an issue with the money but was told that they would have their props that were in te display photos I asked specifically about one in perticular( little girl in mirror) and salesman said yes it would be there! got there unot only was that one notavailable nothing was offered to me I saw some vintage looking clothes on a rack and he did hande a teddy bear to my daughter but hat was it I was greatly disapointed havent seen the pictures yet will keep u posted.

  • Ba
      8th of Apr, 2010
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    I have very recently had the very same problem with this company. I contacted them and was told the photos I had fully paid for along with the proofs would be sent to me via mail. I have not yet received them. I have called them several times and the last time I called I asked for a tracking number so I can track my photos. I had my photo done at Kmart in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on the 8th of March 2010. My children (son and daughter) joined me for this very important photo. My daughter and I had lost touch with my son for 8 very long years and he had contacted us in January 2010 and came to visit us for the first time in 8 years for only 5 days in early March 2010. This photo is the first photo of the 3 of us in nearly 12 years. I do not recommend anyone do business with this company. My attorney will now take over this issue.

  • Na
      12th of Jun, 2010
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    I had the exact same problem with this company! I had a family portrait of myself, husband, our daughter, and our new son...our first family photo since the baby was born taken in Kmart in Brockton, MA on May 7, 2010. I received a postcard from National Studios to come into the Kmart on Saturday May 29th to look at the proofs and receive the family photo and wallets that I had paid for in full. The week prior to the 29th I received a call from a representative from National Studios who said to disregard the postcard and that I would be able to come into Kmart anytime either Wed 26th, Sat 29the, or Sun the 30th from 12-7pm. I went into Kmart on Sat around 1:30pm and there was no one from the company there. I spoke with the manager of Kmart who said that many people had been coming in to view their photos but that no one from National Studios had been there all day. I was told that someone had called the company and they said I would receive my paid for photos in the mail along with the proofs to view and order more if I like. It is now over a month later and I have still not received any photos nor have I been able to get a refund. I have called National Studios three times and was told each time by Ron Perkins that my photos were being reprinted and that they would be sent to my house via UPS in 3-4 business days. After several days and no photos, I would call again and get the same response. I will continue to call and hound this company, as well as, have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of MO. I would not recommend ANYONE use this company!

  • St
      15th of Jun, 2010
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    I would not reccomend this company to anyone!!! I got my pictures, but they weren't very good! The guy showing us our pictures was very rude and ignored us whenever we asked a question! It was like he had a script he had to follow. I was told beforehand that I could get a package for about $30.00. The cheapest package I was told about was $300.00. I was told for $30.00 I could have 1 8x10. These people do not give you all the information or even the correct onformation!! I was told to call Customer Service if I had a problem with the prices! I was also told I could get on there website and send a complaint, I went on there and all I can find is a schedule of when they are taking pics!! My pictures were done at K-Mart in Hutchinson, Ks.

  • Ba
      3rd of Jul, 2010
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    National Studios - he was rood not friendly felt we were rushed there
    National Studios
    po box 39
    United States

    the man was rood not friendly felt we were rushed through when you have babys you need to be able to deal with them i will never do this again.

  • Se
      10th of Sep, 2010
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