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1 Norcross, GA, United States

We moved from Illinois to Florida. Charged us way over the estimate. Once everything was on the truck they charged us three times the amount of the estimate. They told us our stuff would arrive in two weeks. Took us a month to get our items. They broke a few items and then the paperwork to get money returned was a joke. They wanted pictures and sales slips for all the items. A couple of things were old and we had no paperwork so I gave up. We held the furniture and all of our stuff in a storage unit until our new house was done. When we finally was able to unpack the items from storage couple of boxes were missing. Who knows where that stuff went. Also I had a cedar chest that was my moms which was given to me when my mom passed away. It was old and didn't have a lock on it so they stole things out of it. On item was a large Rosary from Italy my mom got when she was there. It was not worth a lot of money but it was a keepsake. I hope who took this items is happy with my mothers rosary. If you can steal religious items you are bad news. Also they stole a couple of old Dick and Jane books I had in there. Also a program from an Annie Oakly program I went to as a child. None of it was worth much money but it was a keepsake I wanted. They taped the chest good so I thought the items would were safe. I was wrong. This company is a total rip off and they hire thieves.

Aug 05, 2016

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