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This sounds to me like Jennifer Kirk, owner of CREATIVE TIMESHARE SOLUTIONS. She (Jennifer) has been arrested for defreauding 1000's of victims for MILLIONS OF DOLLARES $$$$ by the State of Florida, convicted on fraud charges and sentenced to an 18 probationary period. She will now violate her probationary terms for opening NEW TIMESHARE RESALE ROOMS. The stipulation of her probation is that she is prohibited to enter into any business dealing with TELEMARKETTING SALES. Soon to follow, Jennifer Kirk's PROBATION OFFICER'S NAME AND TELEPHONE CONTACT INFORMATION. STAY POSTED.

For more information please goto the link below about Jennifer Kirk's latest business dealings

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  • Jo
      7th of Apr, 2010

    look at their antics-they make up faud ocmplaints about other companies and brag about their-also written by our same "Administrator" wow not even smart enough to make up a new name when you complain about another company and boast about your own! WOW must be too much cocaine and alcohol to the brain what do you take for that naltrexone?

    Timeshare task force llc Complaints - FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD
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    Timeshare task force llc
    Posted: 2010-04-06 by Administrators


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    Timeshare task force llc
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    My mom was contacted by this company TIMESHARE TASK FORCE LLC and she was led to believe that they could help her get money back from the timeshare company that stole her money. An up front fee was charged and they never answered the phone after her credit card was charged. My mother is 89 years old and these people should be hung by the nearest tree. I have contacted the State of Florida Attorney's Generals office as well as the Dept. of Agriculture who suppossely monitors fraudulent companies such as these.



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  • Je
      10th of Jun, 2010

    Nice try Task Force... but it seems Jennifer isn't involve legally with this one... but some else is... WWW.SUNBIZ.ORG ANY timeshare company!!! National Recovery Task Force is owned by the same people at Premier Timeshares... They did their liscensing in Feb. 2010 and cancelled and redid it without Daniel Ferrera's name on MArch 8th... how convienent! These people are scams! They're operating under "Inbound Marketing Advisors, LLC" but call as their task force scam! YOU DON'T SPEND UP FRONT MONEY GETTING YOUR MONEY BACK.

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  • Ww
      1st of Jul, 2010

    Only hire an attorney licensed to practice law in the state where the scam time share companies are located. Collecting a debt from a commercial business is commercial debt collecting and you cannot do it without a license and a bond. Only an attorney can file a lawsuit to collect your money.

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