National Readers of North America / Unwanted magazine subscriptions - unauthorized credit card charges - unethical behaviour

Great Falls, US
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10/12/16 husband was contacted saying he'd receive a free watch, only had to receive 6 magazines. 3 for 4 years 3 for 1 year and was $57.50. He understood it was one time payment. Received info on it on 10/29/16 and saw 12 payments of $57.50 ~ in US dollars. We are in Canada. I called and told them we wanted to cancel. They said it was past the cancellation date. He called his credit card company to say we did not want this service and to see if they could block payment. Was told had to wait until next bill to see if it was charged again. It was, call credit card company again and they did an investigation of the situation. called again in December 2016 and again told them we wanted to cancel. Was told we'd have to pay $400. The 6 magazines we are suppose to be getting are not what we are getting. They are sending magazines we would Never Ever subscribe to. I talked to customer service today and told her were were getting magazines other than what she told me we were getting. I was told, "it must be from someone else". We are being billed out of Hudson, FL by Magazine Publishers Service which is actually National Readers Headquarters of North America in Great Falls, MT. We are suppose to be sending our monty to Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Mar 09, 2017

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