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I got a phone call from the above stated company stating I had won a diamond watch if I reinstated my magizine subscription I say ok but as the call went on some how the lady tricked me into subscribing to a sudscript of 6 different mag
And now I have a bill in front of me for $782.04 or $65.17 a month I am elderly and on disability my whole monthly check is only $800.00 I feel ive been a victim of fraud. These ppl are really good at scamming ppl I feel bbb or someome needs to do some investigating I really didnt understand all I was told about this mag subscription I dont have money to pay this amount for magazine's they are preying on the elderly. They even knew I had a mastercard and I didnt tell them. The lady told me as I understood it was only 16.00 dollars a month for 4 months when I get a bill for this amount !!What can I do !!!She also told me yhe watch and some coupons were free but now she says the coupons are another $19.95 per month this is a scam and fraud !!!

Mar 15, 2017

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