National Reader Services / Unable to Cancel Subscription/Harassment for Payment

Original offer of $60/yr for magazines suddenly became return phone call of fast talk that quickly glosses over $60/month! And you are doing this for 5 years and have NO clue! You try to call back to cancel order as described and they refuse! Magazines don't even start to arrive for almost 2 months after first setup.

Contract is first with one company then another. You have no idea with whom you are dealing. Suddenly you get paper bills & phone calls from Midwest Publishing Services when you try to cancel & stop payments. After that doesn't work (they continue to bill) you are turned over to a local collection agency representing National Reader Services for a past due amount that looks suspiciously the same. When you try to tell them it is the same company that is also harassing you by a different name you are told "No that is not true. It is in your mind." Oh really?

I've threatened to sue and legal action and believe they don't give a hoot. They know they are working a scam.

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