National Reader Servicestubborness in refusal to cancel my order

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I have written to this Complaints Board before, regarding a magazine subscription order that I have been trying to cancel since April. National Reader Service has refused to cancel my subscription for a list of magazines I decided I do not want to receiver or pay for. I even have had my credit card cancelled, in order to keep them from charging me. I called the toll free number late last month, and again at the beginning of this month of June, to tell them I had done these things, and was told it actually had been cancelled. Then I received another letter from them, thanking me for my order, and they hoped they could continue to serve me!! I know they can't charge me any more money from my cancelled credit card, in order to pay for these magazines I cancelled, but they continue to send me information that leads me to believe that they were lying to me, and that they never actually did cancel my order. I never signed a legally binding contract with them, their customer service representatives have told me I could cancel anytime I wanted to, within the 30 days allowed, I cancelled my credit card, and they still tell me conflicting information!!! This National Reader Service is such a RIP-OFF!!! I advise anyone who ever receives a phone call from any of their sales people, DO NOT sign up for this!!! They will not give you a moment's peace!! I am going to continue to bother them with my phone calls, and harass them the way they have done to me. I refuse to let them take my hard-earned money for magazines I DO NOT WANT!!!


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      Aug 15, 2009

    National Readers Service scammed my 19 year old in June 2009. Specific suggestions for dealing with this scam are on my blog
    Good luck! D/

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