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national platinum club / authurizing debiting of 79.95 from

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they subit a deal and even after cancel they continue with and underlying one from anther company that was enclosed with the deal same name but a different kind of deal. i canceled one but the monies are going to be still debited from my account even after i canceled.

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  • Cc
      6th of Apr, 2010
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    I got charged by this "company" 99.95... I NEVER signed up for this! When I called about this and asked what this is, they said you can cancel at anytime but the 99.95 is a one time fee that could have been avoided if I had cancelled within 7 days, well I never knew about this nor did I sign up for this!

  • Jl
      13th of Apr, 2010
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    I also got ripped off by this company. was charged $99.95 for a membership I never signed up for. when I called they won't even tell you what the charge is for or even what company they are until you"verify" your information. I have reported this to my local authorities. my account was overdrawn so they didn't get any money and I am closing this account so they won't ever.

  • Bo
      3rd of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    this happen to me as well i actully talk to the so called mangner ms perry and she was as much help as t-ts on a bull this company needs to be shout down asap

  • Rb
      18th of May, 2010
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  • Br
      23rd of May, 2010
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    Folks please . My wife and I are victims of Platinum Services as well. We were charged $99.95 without even ever being in contact with this company, they use another name and site online but we can't track them down. I do know that it was a payday loan type of site that they got the info from. Please help us put a stop to this. Go to the following site and file a report. Once you have please e-mail my wife and I so we can put together a victim list for the FBI so they will take it seriously. IC3 site will tell you they don't have the resources to do anything and that they will forward it to your local police but they won't we called our local police and they referred us back to IC3 . If I can get enough people to e-mail me a copy of the complaint registration e-mail that IC3 sends you maybe I can get us some help Via bad publicity or what ever it takes. Please do not send any bank info to me I don't need that just names addresses and phone numbers, along with e-mail addresses to give to FBI, IC3, News stations. I am dedicated to stopping this please help me.

    Dennis Brunow
    Phone 251-285-4003
    5358 Moffett rd Mobile Alabama, 36618

    Please close the account . They have your direct deposit dates and hit the account in the night so you don't know until morning

    I believe the company is the platinum shopping club. They send e-mails based on loan apps online and they already have your Bank info. They say you have 7 days to quit but they have no intention of giving your money back . This is illegal and should be reported asap. Don't wait.

  • Vo
      28th of May, 2010
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    Do not believe a word that this compay says. They have deducted 99.95 from my account right before my pay day. Please people come together and go onto IC3 so that they can be stopped. They know your pay periods through either application of loan or credit cards. They will continually take money out of your account. They hit your account at night so when you get up in the morning its too late to stop.

  • Mr
      4th of Jun, 2010
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    My husband and I also were victims of this SCAM! After speaking to a so called "CSR", the issue was not resolved. They actually told my husband he needed to file a fraud claim against me!! I was so shocked that I began to use foul language>>>@##*&^&#^&*&)(@#*!*... I told the lady the she was a B****!! I just don't like the fact they can get away with this someone please email me@ that has some info on how we can get these people out of business and to get our hard earned money back!

  • Ca
      9th of Jul, 2010
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    OMG I was scammed too 99.95 from my bank I'm so mad and now my bank is negative 13 dollars and I have to find a way to buy my daughter diapers, I was trying to get a payday loan and was denied so they had NO right!!! That was the last amount of money I had for weeks and they took it ON MY PAYDAY!!! I am so mad right now!!! and what sucks is that you don't know them or you have never heard of them and then they JUST take the money out and not to mention you go to their "shopping site" and your email address IS NOT EVEN FOUND in their system LOL sounds like a scam to me!! DO NOT TRUST EVEN A SECURE PAYDAY LOAN WEBSITE!! NEVER GIVE OUT BANK INFO! If this happened to you call your bank ASAP they will do a stop payment, and return of your funds, its takes a few days but make sure you close your account and open a new one because they WILL charge you 14 dollars every month!! Any questions my email address is

  • As
      9th of Jul, 2010
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    This company debited 99.95 from my account, claiming that they sent an email confirming the transaction which I never received. When talking to the employee, said that there was no manager that could go above her to refund any money, all is non refundable. There is no manager, she was a supervisor and no one else were we allowed to talk to. My bank is doing an investigation right now, but they still were able to get this money.

  • Sw
      29th of Jul, 2010
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    yeah they debuted my account twice...I noticed when I went to my bank and I had a negative 99.95 plus a 28.00 fee for NSF. I have contacted them on July, 26, 2010 regarding this, the representative said that I will be refunded by next Monday...we'll see.

  • Mi
      31st of Jul, 2010
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    Hi Everyone,
    This exact same incident happened to me on yesterday, July 30, 2010. The company deducted $99.95 from my bank account. I had never subscribed or given anyone my information and all of a sudden, when my paycheck hit my account, there was a deduction of $99.95 taken from my account. I called my bank and spoke with someone in the disputing department and they inform me of this company information. I then called this company and spoke with Lynette Group and she advised me that I had subscribed to be a member of National Platinum and they allowed me a seven day grace period, before they actually deducted the money from my account. She was obnoxious, rude and very hateful. I then asked her how would she feel if this was taken from her account, and she hunged up on me. I am getting up this morning to close my account. I will email the lady in the earlier email messages, so that we can bring this company down for what they are doing to innocent people. Miss. Jones

  • Li
      20th of Aug, 2010
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    I just got hit by this scam also. I have $99.95 deducted from my account, and I called and was told I could cancel the membership but that the money was non-refundable. The guy said I had 7 days to cancel, but that was 7/29/10, and they didn't charge me till 8/13/10. The purposefully wait to charge you till after the 7 days. I was told it was an on-line shopping, but where and how? I just went on their website and it says you get a $10000.00 card, but it's a lie. I am reporting to the better business bureau.

  • Fa
      20th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    I also got hit by this company for $14.95. I faxed them a letter telling them to stop debiting my account. Their fax number is (704) 525-3886. I called them and spoke to a rude customer service rep, but she gave me the fax number. Their phone number is (800) 972-8094. I also sent in a complaint to my state's better business bureau. This place got my information from an online loan application I filled out and the customer services rep told me that I applied for an online shopping club. I never did. I have since unsubscribed from every online loan service.

  • Si
      13th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    On 12/10/10 this company deducted 99.95 from my account. They even told me when the application was accepted. The funny thing about all of this is that the address that they have on file, is not my correct address. Why would I apply for anything where I don't live any more, knowing someone else probably live at that address now? Plus how could they get my account information including the routing number. I also went to the website to see if I've been there before, and I have never seen this website. This is bs with these mom and pop online companies. With all the software in the world to prevent someone from hacking into your system things like this happen. It leaves one wondering if these company are being link to other reliable and respectable companies, that have our information when we buy things online.

  • Pl
      18th of Jan, 2011
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    I am a victim of platinum services, I NEVER SIGNED UP FOR ANYTHING WITH THIS COMPANY, I applied for a payday loan and thats how they received my information. I was never informed that I was a member nor did I receive any notifications until January 13, 2011 when the funds were deducted from my account. The number that they have listed (781) 341 9110 was incorrect and this is what my bank gave me, however when the transaction was completed I was provided with another number (800) 972 8094. I spoke with a rep that was very rude and hung up in my face, I called again and experienced the same thing. The 3rd time I called I spoke with another rep and was told to fax in a police report in order to get a refund because it is against company policy to issue refunds. They told me that after January 4, 2011 I have 7 days to cancel but how do I know to cancel anything when I didnt sign up for anything to cancel. This company needs to be out of business and Im going to do all I need to so that will happen.
    I can be reached at

  • Ad
      29th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    I was just scammed by this company today. I filled out for a couple of payday loans 2 wks ago. Now my account is overdrawn from the NFS fee that my bank charges...I am barely getting by on my paychecks and now my bank is giving me the run around. I tried to call theis company and the CSR that I talked to was a total @$$ who told me they they have no BBB number and that they don't have a corporate number either. I have never had this happen to me...I am going to my bank now to try to close it and then open another one.

  • Je
      2nd of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    I had the same thing happen, I contact the BBB and went back and forth with the company but of course nothing was resolved. Anyone that has not filled out a complaint with the BBB needs to do so ASAP so we can get this company shut down. I have contacted an attorney and will be working with several different people to try and get this company shut down. This is totally unacceptable practices. If we can get enough people to file complaints I will just be happy with shutting them down!!!

  • Sa
      26th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    Same thing happened to me last month. And this morning the lady calles me to ask if I have recieved my card. Her munber is 0792022305 when i started asking why they debited my account with out my permission she hung up on me. I've been trying to call her since and she is not answering the phone. Can any body help us since now I have the numbers from the person who keeps calling us about this deal. Criminals !!

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