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national payday advance / payday loan

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Phone: 818 451-4025

I just recived a call from someone named Derrick Jackson who clams in a Middle Eastern Voice that I took out a payday loan, he had my phone number and the whole ss# this is very scary. the other number that came up on my caller id was [protected] and when I tried to call this number it just rang and rang and rang. the other phone number he clamed that was the number to the attorneys office was [protected] and it came out as a fax machine and a very strange ring. Please do something about this its scary they threathen and they yell.

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  • Ja
      15th of Jun, 2009
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    i recieved several phone calls about a payday loan i took out in october 22 2008, i knew i didnt have a payday loan for 300.00, the only people i spoke to were from the middle east it sounded like. i have contacted the atty general in my state., and i had to change all my bank accounts and call all 3 credit bureaus

  • Ex
      15th of Jun, 2009
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    have you repaid your payday loan? If you a had a loan default, it is entirely possible additional charges and fees are now due.

    I would suggest speaking with this agency to see what the circumstances are.

  • Ni
      30th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    This just happened to me today also!!! They called me at work...a guy named Eric Johnson..he had a Middle Eastern voice and said that a lawsuit had been filed against my SS# (which he had!) because I took out a loan with National Payday Loan and never paid it back. I never did!!! He said someone was going to come to my job Monday morning and take me down to the courthouse for a hearing. He kept yelling and he even asked me who "Ruth A" was, which is my grandmother!!! I have no idea who these people are but I tried to call the number back -319-493-3142 and it rang and rang. I tried to look on this National Payday Loan's for a number but you can only email them. the only number they give you is if your filling out a new first time application. it was very scary and intimidating. When I got off work I checked my cell phone voice mail and he had left a message on there too!!! I saved the message just in case. This is weird and I am scared at the fact that these people have my SS# and know my grandmothers name!!!

  • Ml
      6th of Oct, 2009
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    national payday advance - Fraud
    United States

    I received a call from a heavy middle-eastern accented gentleman who identified himself as "Victor Gibson" stating that he wanted my attorney's name in regards to a lawsuit being brought against me regarding a legal matter. He stated that I took out a loan with National Advance Payday in December 2008, which I did NOT. He states that there are 3 counts against me and that my courtdate is tomorrow scheduled to initiate garnishment proceedings against me. Advised that I had not been served any documents and this is a scam. Then he read off my entire address and last 4 of my bank routing number. I asked him for his phone number, he gave me 727.362.1242 and when I asked to an address to send him correspondence he began yelling at me and hung up. DEFINITELY A SCAM.

  • Iw
      8th of Oct, 2009
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    I received a call from the same company from 631-409-8016 stating his name was Logan and the voicemail started this is a warning message...I am a bill collector that breaks a law first line of the message...when I asked for the name of the company he said THE LAW FIRM...then told me it was spelled Lanphirer & Associates...this attorney is a true attorney spelled Lanphier and Associates but has nothing to do with these people I called his office today and they said they have had 35 calls this is fraud and that police reports need filed...that is to protect the attorneys as they have probably been getting complaints through the bar association...I called to try to get an address from them and was advised that there was no need they would be at my home today at 11:00am I honestly was not concerned until that point they will not give me any information of mine to verify if they actually have my information..If this has happened to you file a police report save your voice mails and contact the attorney general for your state and the state the call is coming from...the possibility that they are not even in the United States is very good buy hopefully we can get this to stop these are the type of people that make my job hard..Debt collectors don't work like that we have laws we are required to follow and can be sued...if anyone figures out where this is coming from please let me know I have full intentions of suing them if they are in fact in the USA

  • Ms
      24th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    This guy is from Napa CA. They are using an address for a empty house that is for sale there. We used google to see the place he said the office was from... He has been calling, and harassing my boyfriend for about a month now. My boyfriend called the police in CA and they said that he is not breaking any laws by lieing until someone falls for it. I had to call my phone company to have his MANY numbers blocked. We knew after the first call that this was a scam because we looked it up online...

    I have a voice messege saved from him that states he is going to F*** my boyfriends mother like a goat...LOL, I thought that was kinda funny, but the message got really dark after that comment. I got a whistle and blew it into the phone when they wouldnt stop calling...hehe.

    The really scary thing about this is that I think that payday gave them our app. for a personal loan when we didnt get approved...We applied online, so either he hacked it, or it was sold to them on a list. My boyfriend tried to get the loan, and I think he had to list refrences. This guy knew my full name, and my boyfriends Uncles full name also. That bothers me. Someone needs to stop them from lieing and harassing inocent people ASAP!

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