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National Pay Day Adavance Aka Dtech Evolution / threatning phone calls/ heavy accents/ invalid numbers...###ed me out of $750

1 NY, United States Review updated:

so in the month of may is when i first recall recieving phone calls/msgs from these wierdos w/ heavy indian/eastern accents .."This Messege is intended for Latoya Curtis (or as they pronounced, lethoya coortise)
Latoya! the minute you get this messege i need you or your attorney to return this call at 818...or 323...
do not disregard this messeage, if you do not return the call the only thing i can say is good luck in court"...i got msgs exactly like that (obviously scripted) from foreigners until around JULY i finally responded why did i do that, i let them intimidate and scare the hell out of me..."who are you? " i asked, they said the law firm a million times..."financial accounting association" they responded after i asked like 8 times...who do i owe? ..."national payday advance" they answered..then proceeded to accuse me of fraud, and that i took out a loan on the internet and never paid back...this was plausible to me because i actually did have a legit debt w/ an online payday advance co whom i owed $315- not to mention these ###s knew my ssn, my home address, cdl#, even the references i put on the applications i filled out...when these ppl threatened for the cops to come draggin me to court and all types of details that long story short ended in me authorizing $750 to be deducted from my acct on 7/25th...all while this is going on, i also notice every single number left in my voice mail or given to me was invalid, busy signal or all of a sudden, a fax #...
ANYWHO, the $$$ was deducted and i thought nothing of it...until a couple a days prior and after the transaction i get emails from the ACTUAL cash loan company I was thinking of and they're still have an outstanding balance due of my mouth drops and just about ### my pants cause not only did i delay my car note for the 750 payment, now i'm like who just took 750 from me?...
i check my transactions online...who do i find?...not financial accounting association or none of that national payday advance franchise bs they were talkin about-but i see dtech evolution...immediately i try to look them up...NOTHING...nothing but this site and other sites with a gang of complaints about FRAUD...SCAM...NOT LEGAL...###ED!!!...i've read tons of complaints, this so called company has been reported to BBB there are lots of sites/blogs/comments/complaints i am finding where other people have experienced the exact same thing i just did...IMMEDIATELY i file a claim w/ my bank- but i'm not confident i will get my money back, especially since i havn't read any positive outcome from anyone thus there anyone out there who has resolved this in their favor, i need encouragement...

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  • Ne
      21st of Aug, 2009
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    If your bank if FDIC (federally insured) and you file a report with your local police department & FBI (yeah, I know - seems weird but they handle internet crimes) then take the report to your bank - you should get your funds back in a matter of weeks... you have to have a report though. I was a victim of identity thief last year and that was the process that worked for me - this company has been harrassing my sister, and I called every number I could find for them and confronted them. Every time they've hung up on me when I demand to know the name of the company and tell them I have proof that this debt does not exist.

  • Gj
      3rd of Dec, 2009
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    The same thing happened to me --harassment--intimidated into paying $758 for what I later learned was a non-existing debt. Cancelled the debit card and filed a dispute with the bank and a complaint with the FTC --yesterday the bank overturned the debit and reimbursed my account, so don't give up because now all I have to deal with is these people calling my work and asking me WHY I withdrew the payment????? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! I to ld the woman today IF she could fax some paperwork to my work showing that I ACTUALLY owed the money I would be glad to take care of it and her response was???? NO RESPONSE AT ALL!!! So keep fighting.

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