National Passport Processing Center / No passport 8 months

I applied for my passport April 14th 2016, for a trip in Sept.. Received several letters for more proof of who I am sent in every thing I could.. Still no passport.. Now I need a passport for work and still nothing except its processing..
They currently still have my birth certificate my baptismal certificate from when I was born and a copy of a later one.. my ssn card. pictures and mail from 1976 I cannot replace All to prove Im me.. I have never traveled outside of the country and now I need to and I cant get anywhere.. I am beyond pissed because I had a complete expense trip paid for to Costa Rica and lost the opportunity because of them jacking around.. I cant even get an appointment and go because I need to acquire all my documents again to even get an appt.. and now I could lose my job because I cannot get a passport and a work visa.. Ive called and called and keep getting the run around and that there is nothing they can do to speed up the process...

Dec 05, 2016

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