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I have been scammed with this letter :
Attn: Liverwood Prize Winner

We are pleased to inform you of the result of NATIONAL LIVERWOOD LOTTERY WEEKLY PRIZE, which was held on Saturday 27th June, 2008. Your e-mail address attached to ticket number: 219-8IO-97/A with Prize Ref: LIUK/5020/0261/20, Batch No: 01-A223 won you a prize of £1, 500, 000 Great British Pounds.Please Send Response to [protected]

Mrs. Diane Milton
Extol Finance Limited
Call Office Phone: +[protected], Fax: +[protected]
Respond to: [protected]

[Full Name]...[Complete Address/Country]...[Alternative Email]...
[Occupation/Position]...[Tel/Mobile/Fax]...[Age ]...
Choose Mode of Payment: A. Certified Cheque B. Wire Transfer

Yours Faithfully,

and their cohort was this person using this courier companies name
Mr. Harrison Davids
Delivery officer,
137 Hyde Park Road, Leicester LE1 7RH, United Kingdom.
Phone Number: [protected]
Fixed Line: [protected]
Fax Number: [protected]

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  • Fo
      Apr 22, 2010

    The Geat Braiten government should take strong situation against fake companies and persons who infoluance on british citizen reputation and steal money from the people.

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  • Pa
      Jun 15, 2010

    its pam i got email from liverwood company im winner of such a big amount plz help to suggest what can i do because they ask me about 600$ for shiping a cheque what to do imm so confused imm not a rich person im hand to mouth person i cant spend my money on fake things plz help me and sugest me what can i do????

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  • Te
      Oct 29, 2010

    As someone who is involved in trying to educate people about these types of scams, i would like to point out as few things.
    1. The British Government can do nothing in these instances. The address for the company is fake. the website was registered under a false address in Spain.
    2. The people running these scams are virtually impossible to trace. They use fake names and set up temporary email account using the service of suppliers like Google or Yahoo or other "Free" email providers. You can set up such an email account without having to provide any real personal information.
    3. These scams only work because the people that fall for them are either a) Stupid, b) Greedy, or c) Desperate. That may sound harsh but having been in contact with victims, some are so reluctant to believe that at the end of the day they will recieve a vast fortune from someone they do not know, or from a lottery they have no entered, that they will continue to pay out money despite being on the point of having their homes reproceessed.

    These scams are known as "419" or "Advanced Fee Fraud" after the section of the Nigerian Legal code that deals with this type of fraud. Most of these frauds originate from West Africa.

    For more information, and advice please visit or

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  • Je
      Nov 30, 2010

    who ever really won- i feel should receive the prize.
    for instance the publishing clearing house is alottery i knew since i was born. and as for the other lottery i still feel the winner should claim their prize w/ all the full rules and regulations stipulated..regarless if you win on an automated system basis. i guess that all...

    just me liahni

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