National Institute of Schooling result / Smell conspiracy in result of NIOS 12th class

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Smell conspiracy in result of NIOS.

Millions of NIOS student has been cheated by the result declared by NIOS.
It is clear intentional exploitation done by National Institute of Schooling
The most of subjects shown SYC or SYCT without mark displayed in mark sheet.
The most of cases found that incomplete result without fail or pass & score some digit in subjects.
They are intentionally harassing or direct exploiting the poor students, who are tried to get education with their hard effort and money by the only option left for them.
Million students are mentally depressed and psychic due to incomplete result of NIOS.
It is clear threat to the life of poor students, who suffer for the blunder done by NIOS. Student may commit suicide also. Then who is responsible for that?
Following points is the conspiracy observed indirectly:
1. What is the requirement of re-evaluation & why is for major number of student?
2. Looting by process re-evaluation with amount of Rs.500/ each subject. It seem it is biggest scheme running under the umbrella of NIOS
3. Through broker it has been observed that Hundred percent has passed.
4. Local Regional office is playing fun with candidates when enquire some queries about any issue.
How could NIOS cheat millions of innocent poor students like that? How could our Government allow this to happen to poor student openly?

Jul 15, 2015

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