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National Imaging Sytems / Misrepresenting Trial/Harassment

1 14504 Friar St.Van Nuys, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 818-908-3975

Agreed to be part of a free trial, confirmed that there were no hidden fees or obligations. Accepted the free-trial cartridge, received an invoice for $249.99 the next week. Called to find out why they are billing me. The rep said it isn't a real invoice, just a quote of the list price of the cartridge, said its just for my record. few months later I get a call asking if I like it. I say sure. They ask what the cartridge says on it, the brand name. This was odd, began to get suspiscious. Told them that it said Imaging Excellence, they said it isn't their product. I assured them it was, it's the only non-HP cartridge we have anywhere. He says I now owe the $249.99. I asked why since it was a free trial. He said it wasn't a free trial, but once I send the cartridge back to them they would zero out my invoice. Told them this was not what I agreed to and was called a thief. Got another call and another invoice a couple weeks later stating that I owed them the money. Told them I won't pay as it is a free trial. They again restated that it is only free if I send it back, but since they insist that this is not their product they won't accept it, so I owe them $249.99.
They continue to call, harass, demand the money, so I filed complaints with the BBB. Another rep called and apologized for the confusion, said that if we send the product to them they will zero out account. I asked again if they would actually accept it back because they claimed it was not theirs. Rep stated that I just had to send "what you received" to them and the account would be zeroed. Rep also stated that last few reps and managers I spoke with were incorrect, that the product was NEVER a free trial. That they don't do free trials. The product was sent to be used and once I use it I have to pay for it, only to be free if the product is defective. I asked what kind of fraud is that as no one would EVER accept a product that they don't know, from a company they don't know, for a price no one will tell them, and agree to pay anything. He said that everyone had misinformed me and that the original rep had been fired because of it. They sent me a return slip so I sent back their item only to be called and harassed again by the manager. She is stating that since the product they received is not theirs they will now charge me the $249.99 plus interest and late fees or send me to collections. I am now filing complaints with the CA Attorney General's office, the MD Attorney General's office, the Federal Trade Commission, and whoever else I have to.


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