National Homes ServicesHot Water Tank Rental

In June 2012, we signed a rental agreement with National Home Services for the rental of a hot water tank for our home. In October 2014, we sold our house. We noticed in November 2014 that they were still withdrawing money from our bank account for our rental so we followed up with our lawyer. Our lawyer sent them another letter and National Home Services replied by telling them that it was not a rental and that we should be buying it out or the purchasers had the option to assume the rental fees. Our lawyer wrote to the purchaser's lawyer to ask that the purchaser fill out a form to assume the water heater rental. The purchasers lawyers replied to us in January 2015 to say that they were under the understanding that the water heater was owned. It is noted in our listing agreement that the hot water tank was a rental.

Jan 22, 2015

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