National Health Report website / Fake site promoting Rreplection and Complection MD creams as best

1 United States
Contact information:
promotes Replexion and Complection MD as best of wrinkle removing creams which they are not
and you find once Replection as best and next time Complection Md as best and because has" Free" trial people order
but there is no free tial
shipping is not refundable 9.99
and if you don't folow exactly their return instructions you are charged 79.99 after either 15 days from ordering or now 30 days from ordering
and next product is shipped automaticly at that time NOT REFUNDABLE OR RETURNABLE as folloving order
and you are charged again 79.99 plus shipping

so ordering those products is very costly around 160.00

if you did not get caught and order 3 or more of those craems(because of really low price in bulk)

BUT THIS SITE IS THE PROBLEM because is called National Health Report people belive it

Please do not take this site seriously

It Is SCAM to SELL REPLECTION OR COMPLECTION MD or whatever they will change name of this product again

It is exactly thesame product from company
Health Formula
in Florida
2495 Stirling Rd STE 70,
Fort Lauderdale, [protected]
websites of those products:

so you cancompare they are thesame
ME it costed twice 9.99(about 20.00) for shipping because I caught in time but still 20 dollars in the garbage

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