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I am very frustrated and am about to write National Geographic off forever as a result, due to gross incompetence. I have been a long-time subscriber to the digital US edition, but I live abroad. On Christmas 2016, my brother gave me a digital subscription to the UK version, not realizing that I am already a subscriber. Four months on, I am still struggling to get my subscription sorted. All that we requested was for his gift order to be cancelled and that it be converted to an extension to my CURRENT SUBSCRIPTION.

Instead, MY SUBSCRIPTION WAS CANCELED BY CUSTOMER SERVICE BEFORE IT WAS UP! My account number should be [protected], but I am not even sure at this point, as there has been so much unnecessary confusion added to this situation.

What is wrong with customer service at National Geographic? At this point, all I want is for National Geographic to HONOR MY PAID SUBSCRIPTION TO ITS FULL TERM! Really--what line of logic made somebody thing that it would be OK to CANCEL MY PAID SUBSCRIPTION WITHOUT MY CONSENT?

I do not know what has happened to my beloved National Geographic, but I am definitely not impressed with the changes of the past few years.

I expect a prompt and satisfactory resolution to this matter. Thus far, it has been neither of those.


Todd M. Curro

  • Updated by tmc1233, Apr 28, 2017

    A chat with customer service was unsatisfactory. The person/bot was playing semantics. When I said that I only noticed the cancellation today because I looked into why I hadn't received the latest issue, I was jumped on and told that I have a digital subscription and that I shouldn't expect a printed issue. Well, yeah. Nobody said I wanted it in hard copy. And I didn't receive the latest issue DIGITALLY.

    Then I was told that the person/bot couldn't deal with digital issues. When I mentioned breach of contract and complaints being filed, I was told that the issue would be escalated and that I could expect a call in 24-48 hours. Not a resolution in my mind...

Apr 28, 2017

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