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1 WinstonSalem, NC, United States
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Two weeks ago, we took our RV into a Mercedes-Benz dealer for an oil change and also to have them determine why the check engine light was on. After examining our RV, they reported back that there was a significant quantity of gasoline mixed in with the diesel fuel in the RV's fuel tank. Obviously, we did not introduce gasoline to the tank unless a pump at a gas station at which we refueled was dispensing gasoline rather than diesel fuel from the conspicuously identified diesel pump. Ergo, an accident, if we assume we are not being scammed by the M-B service department, which was highly recommended. Said service department advised us repairs may run as high as 23, 000 dollars, way beyond our ability to pay. SO, we filed a claim with National General, the insurance company that covers the RV, and they refused to pay the claim. Apparently, they don't cover accidents. After two weeks of back and forth between the M-B service department and National General (the insurance arm of Good Sam, the international RV owners association, owned by Marcus Lemonis along with Camping World), National General refuses to pay the claim, we're left without any alternative. National General, one would assume, would honor claims for accidental damage, but apparently not.

Jul 07, 2016

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