National Energy Audits / Poor Service. Poor Work.

1 NJ, United States

This winter I just had a home energy audit from National Energy Audits. I was contacted by some non-profit called The United States Energy Efficiency Counsel that wanted to send National Energy Audits to my home. After several phone calls and their willingness to drop the price all the way down to $19 for the audit I figured sure why not. Well this is where my nightmare begines. A young female arrived at my house 90 mins late. I was given an 8am -9am appointment. She inspected my house but did not do any of the tests that the non-profit said she would do. She did not do a blower door and she did not use a thermal camera to look at my walls. She did go on to mention that she has years of experience and the equipment was really just for show and she did not want to play games with me. I let her continue and showed her my attic and basement. She simply took measurements of my attic and presented cellulose to me and in my basement she could not do any work since I had a finished basement. She also added to the package some random items to help seal off my attic. My main reason for the audit was to also have my burner inspected as i was promised but she did not inspect it. She presented a package to me that i thought was rather high for only 800sqft of cellulose. Even after her rebate program. With that info i decided to call another home energy audit company. They came out, on time, and performed all the tests. They ran a blower door, inspected my boiler and had a thermal camera. I am sure glad I had a second audit. It turns out i had no insulation in my walls and they were also able to insulate and seal my crawl spaces in the basement. They also tuned up my burner. The price I was given was much cheaper (without any rebates) from the second company.

I would like to warn my fellow homeowners in the state of New Jersey to use caution when dealing with National Energy Audits. They do not do any of the tests they claim to do. You can never get a customer service rep on the phone (always goes to voicemail) and their prices are very high. Be smart and get a second audit to compare.

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