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National Electronics Warranty WsignH / wrongful termination

1 Jacksonville, NC, United States Review updated:

I began working for this company December 18th 2006. Had an awesome supervisor for majority of the time I was there. In 2009 I finally got a new supervisor who really didn't like me. I did my job seriously with my previous supervisor as well as trained and coached other representatives. When we switched supervisors thingsd were ok I always missed points when having to state my location bc I refused to do so. I could take those hits. I became pregnant and my husband was deployed with the Marine Corps. I ended up with a pinched nerve in my back and my doctor put me out of work for a week. I called in to RMC everyday like I was supposed to. Emailed all doctors notes into the company and two weeks later I was terminated for not calling out properly. I spoke to Ron everyday at RMC he just didn't mark me as calling. Which he was known to do. On 6/26 2009 I was terminated. Still collecting unemployment from the termination bc the unemployment office found that I did follow procedure. I was put out of work on 6/9/2009 and fired 2 weeks later. If they were going to terminate me they should have done so befoer that time. I will get involved in any lawsuit if someone is willing. It seemed that a few other pregnant women were fired around the same time I was. I was a hard worker pulled a lot of overtime. I refused to go in one time and that was Superbowl of 2008 bc my husband returned from him deployment. Quality people are far from biased. If you tend to mess up they barely listen to the call and completely just mark you bc of who you are. Same with said supervisor that terminated me. I truly did enjoy my time with the company and to be fired for something as stupid as they claim was crazy. I knew they were looking to fire me for a while so I made sure to cover my own [protected]@@ with everything I did. I will be willing to join in any lawsuit against this company. Schedule changes didn't happen when promised unless it was hey were offering 4 10 hour days or we need people for split shifts. It was only when the company wanted you to change shifts. That was truly the only complaints I have. I was able to schedule pto, and etop if need be. Citrix is a pain and continually crashes but it's their own fault for that.

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  • Ju
      20th of Nov, 2010

    Employers can terminate anyone for any reason. They have a free pass to fabricate excuses. In Pennsylvania I've been told that if your employee doesn't like the way you part your hair they can legally terminate. Actually, the law doesn't want to involve themselves with employment.
    This is corporate America. Since businesses run the country why question the decisions made by the management of these businesses?
    Here is my experience: Omni Cable conducts their interviews strictly through their HR Department, Sean Mooney. I applied for an inside sales/customer service and consulting position.
    Sean spent 45 minutes interviewing me over the phone. Later I met my direct report in person along with another manager. I spent three hours that day and it seemed quite positive.
    A week later they invited me to lunch and afterward I was told that I was going to made an offer.
    Sean called me the next day to say that they were 'very excited' to have me on board. I would start in 2 weeks, November 15.
    Four days before my start date I fell, severely spraining my ankle and foot. The next day I woke up with flu-like symptoms. All this a few days before my first day of employment.
    I tended myself over this time and on Sunday, my foot and ankle seemed better.
    However, on Monday, my foot began to swell on the drive into my new job. I arrived a few minutes before 8:00 a.m. and by 11:00 a.m. my foot was severely swollen. I wanted to raise and ice it. At which time, the individual I was working with told me to go home.
    He led me into my direct report's office and I asked them if they felt it would be better to move my start date to November 29th, which I should have done on Friday after my fall. Both men were in agreement and assured me that there would be no problem.
    I left and went to the doctor to be told to treat myself as I had been.
    Upon my return home Sean Mooney had left me a message. They had decided to rescind their offer of employment. When I asked for a reason, they only stated that I moved the hire date.
    A lawyer told me that the reason they rescinded their offer was due to the accident and they deemed it a liability.
    Other people I have spoken with have deemed it to be a very shallow act on the management at Omni Cable.
    Be warned Omni Cable is all business. There is no room for human compassion at this company

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