National Electronic Warrenty / awful

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I've worked for NEW and it's a very bipolar environment they can't praise you for 1 thing without putting you down for 2 or 3 and they say it's constructive criticism but when it's all the time and then becomes more like bashing, they say follow the scripts but if the customer doesn't troubleshoot then service call is chargeable(however never send a service call out for a remote that needs to be programmed to the tv even if they agree to pay) So I did just that the customer didn't want to troubleshoot so the call ended I did my job and followed policy so I get an email saying I was a detractor they made the policies not me, there are many instances when management gets in the way and cause aht to go up due to their negligence but then they try to make it sound like it's your fault, they lie all the time and I was told after 2 months of employment I could change my hours but when I made numerous requests even saying I would increase my hours they still turned me down this company is nuts there all on anti depressants and in lala land

Feb 24, 2014

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