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National Dealer Service of America / Auto Warranty

1 1104 South Powerline Rd, Pompano Beach, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1888-664-5275

On 8/28/2008 I received a call from this company stating that my car warranty was about get expired. I was offered so much great deal according to what they were offering me. Full engine coverage, transmission, drive axle, electrical, and more. A down of $175.00 and a monthly payment of $173.33. It took them more than 10 days for them to mail me the contract. I call on several occasion requesting to speak w/Mr. David Garcia who took my information trying to sell me this warranty. The first days he was available when he was interested in getting my money. I had informed him that I had not received the contract which he said that was mailed out about 11 days after 8/28/2008. I spoke to a woman who told me that the package was not mailed out. This was during 9/10/2008. Mr. Garcia then answered the phone when I called him by suprise telling met that he apologized. He will follow up and make sure that he will send me the package. He sounded so confused as he would try to answer my question regarding his poor business. After this he was no where to be found. I was told that he was out for lunch, out for the day, gone for the day. I finally mailed Mr. David Garcia regarding his conduct of him being unprofessional. I felf that I was being rob for my money and lie on and missed led. Days later I received a call from his Manager, Mr. Winston Parker. He himself was trying to protect the missleding and lies of his employee. Mr. Parker threaten to report me to the proper authory for a letter that I mail which I believe that it was not improper. It was done in accordance to how Mr. Garcia was communicating to as a "Christian". I felt that by him telling me "God Bless You and whatever other Godly terms he used". He thought that he was trying to fool me. Even when I have called for follow up. They don't answer the phone anymore and say "National Dealer Service/National Dealer Service of America. They respond by Corporate Office". Then they place you on hold and play some "Christian Music" while they have you on hold. This I feel that is unprofessional for other customer who may by from other reliogist belief or may not want to disclose their faith. They are just trying to buy a warranty not placed in a church enviornment. Along with this problem there has been others even how they had scheduled my payments after I had requested for no money to be withdraw from my checking account.

I truly believe that this is the kind of fake company that tries to manipulate people who are first time auto owner, elder people, and falks who are ileterate. They try to use then as easy target.

Therefore, if someone can response to this complaint and let me know who to handle this matter. As well how can we avoid scam like these when you are in need of auto warranty. I would be appreciated...


Mr. Edgardo Nieves

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  • Ro
      17th of Nov, 2008
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    I've just spoken with the Florida Attorney General's office
    You can reach them at 1-850-414-3930 (I believe it's option 1 in the list).

    There are multiple complaints against these companies. The gentleman at the office implied that an investigation is most likely when complaints reach a critical mass, and they can establish a pattern of abuse.

    So it might be a good idea for all of you to call. This company is in fact engaged in several types of abuse:
    - Timeshares
    - Mortgages
    - Credit card scams
    - Auto warranties

    I've posted a lot of the same information here:

    This is the main bit of info:
    National Dealer Services of South Florida Inc.
    1104 S. Powerline Rd
    Pompano Beach FL 33069.

  • La
      17th of Nov, 2008
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    well when you run a company as big as they seem to be, for instance i know for it can very hard to please everyone and can be very easy to offend people of different faiths and origins. my advice to you would be to next time you do business with someone do some research, get to know who your possibly going to be doing business with.

  • Jo
      15th of Dec, 2008
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    Just google this company after I got a call from them "claiming" I own a 2004 BMW and my insurance was about to expire. After the rep gave me a phony number (dialed it on cell), he promptly hanged up after I asked him what name he had on file. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY. If he can't answer a simple question as that, it's a scam.

  • Pa
      15th of Dec, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I receive 3 calls a day from this company, I told them to put me on the do not call list, but they still call. They have a computer making the calls, and you have to press one to speak with an agent. I agree that these unprofessionals should be dealt with harshly, if anyone needs water boarding, they do.There are so many scams out there, but all you can do is come to a site like this before you part with your hard earned money. As far as purchasing a warranty on your car, it's best to buy at the time of sale, and be warned that these warranties come in all shapes and sizes, common sense should tell you, that if you have a 2001 car, your not going to get much of a warranty, and read the fine print, if the warranty does not cover gaskets, forget it. I had a customer that purchased a Chevy Blazer, and a $1000 warranty. The head gasket broke after one week, when I called for an approval number, I was told the head gasket was not covered under the warranty, so if you must buy a extended warranty, be sure the car is new enough, and that the policy is bumper to bumper, with tires, and batteries, the only exclusion.

  • El
      19th of Dec, 2008
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    Today Dec. 19th they are calling themselves Auto Solutions with a phone number of 800-376-5688 X1695. I bought a warranty with them during the summer 2008 for a 2006 toyota sienna. The policy was to start after my 60, 000 miles were up. On October 8th 2008 I sold the care with 55, 000 (approx) miles and called National Dealer Service of America to refund over $1, 000.00 charged to my charge card. I was told by a MIKE that I had to write a letter, which I did. On follow up and after talking to extremely rude people, I was told the policy cancelled on October 10th and refund would take 6/8 weeks. I called again after thay charged another payment, this time I talked to the finance company who told me they had not be notified of cancellation yet. I told them not to make any more charges to my card, they said they would but the refund had to come from National Dealer Service of America. I called again for info on my refund, they told me it would take 8/12 weeks, when I asked for the owner of the company, they then said they would only talk to my husband because policay was in his name. He got on the phone and told them to talk to me. I repeatedly asked for the ceo, cfo, owner or whoever runs this rip off company. They said they did own it, so I asked the young lady on the phone "are you actually telling me that YOU own it " she said not really, but still refused to give me a owner, manager etc. name or phone. Does anyone know how to reach the owners of this co.. As of today I have not one dime back and the policy never went into effect. Please help if you can. I filed a complaint with the Attorney General of Florida on 12/02/08 and have not received any reply.

  • Lb
      13th of Jan, 2009
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    National Dealer Service of America - incompetent service, stealing money
    United States

    In September of 08 my husband and I purchased a used 05 Pathfinder. Not more than a week after our purchase we started receiving letters in the mail about our warranty running out. We didn’t receive any phone calls except from National Dealer Service of America. When I first spoke with a representative on the phone, Shanae, she was very nice and helpful. She explained all the terms and answered all my questions. I told her I would talk it over with my husband when he got home and asked if she would call me back the next day.
    Of course as soon as their business hours began at 10am my phone rang. I signed up for the warranty and had her take the down payment of $295 out of my bank account. About 2 weeks later my husband and I had to move. He is in the military and we were given base housing. With all the moving expenses and the slump in the economy we figured it would be financially smarter to cancel the warranty. I called and asked what they needed to get our down payment back. The woman was very helpful when she first answered the phone but as soon as I said we wanted to cancel our warranty she became very snide and rude. I followed all their instructions to get refunded.
    I was told 6/8 weeks which would have put the check in my mailbox a week before Christmas 08. That week came and went and we still had no check. We planned on traveling over the holidays so we called the company and asked if they hadn't sent the check yet (and of course they hadn't) if they would please send it to my in-law's house so it wasn't sitting in our mailbox for 2 weeks. They said it was no problem and we should have the check before the New Year.
    However in the 9 days we spent at my in-law's we never saw the check. When we got back to our home on January 6, 09 we called the company and got their out of office recording which stated "Our office will currently be closed Dec 23 - Dec 29", but I called on January 6th, more than a week after that recording should have been taken off. We have repeatedly tried to call and we get the same message. Recently however we have been getting a British woman's voice that states, "We're sorry but you've currently reached us outside of normal business hours". Their business hours are 10am - 5pm Eastern Time. I live in Carolina so my time zone is their time zone, and it always says the same thing.
    Today January 13, 2009 my husband tried to call and it says the number has been disconnected!! As far as I'm concerned these people have stolen almost $300 from me and I won't stand for it. We will be bringing in military legal services and I will get my money back.
    Unfortunately when we signed up for the warranty we did not have internet so we couldn't do research on the company. I hope that if anyone gets contacted by this company and they are able to research it that they stay clear. Even if it means you have no warranty services on your car please don’t get involved with these incompetent, untrustworthy people.

  • An
      27th of Jan, 2009
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    I am going throught the same matters they owe us over $500 dollars of our money. The company is no longer in buissness and the place where our payments told us that. Our account has been cancelled since January 7th and they are still taking money out and they are telling us we cant get any of it back. If anyone has any info on ways to help us please contact me at my email'
    thank you

  • Br
      4th of Apr, 2012
    +1 Votes

    The British woman you speak of is Davina Lewin and she lives in Deerfield Beach. This company is run by 2 supposedly reformed Christians. Nothing could be further from the truth. They employ people with records, drug problems supposedly to give them a second chance. But in effect these people are easy to manipulate, will also often do unscrupulous things and they take CC info and other sensitive info. It is simply awful. One of the owners is Gus Elijah Geldman. Look him up...he's a preacher who himself cannot stay out of trouble or jail. The other owner is Chris...they used to scam people out of money by seeling them the infamous swamp land years back. NEVER, EVER give your CC info to anyone over the phone or through the mail who pursues you. Odds are they already know you have credit issues and are an easy target.

  • Br
      4th of Apr, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Yes indeed they are the lowest of the low. I was able to get Ms. Lewin's name and Gus' from a disgruntled employee...when I find out Chris' name, I will post it too. This guy lives near Las Olas and supposedly has a relative who is a preacher or priest. This employee told me he actually had the guy come and bless the place! God surely has a special place for these sub-humans. Luckily I got out before I was duped out of any money. And BTW that guy David Garcia? He was arrested for robbery not long after that gentleman posted his commentary, something the guy also relayed happily. The fact that Gus Geldman can preach at his "Christian" church is especially loathesome. Anyways, good luck to all and most definitely pursue these matters with the Attorney General, local Congressperson, BBB...any and all so that ANY thing associated with these 2 crooks gets the red flag.

  • Sr
      8th of Sep, 2015
    +1 Votes

    This company got they're insurance license revoked, they seem to be dabbling in every time of scam. Stay far away from them.

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